Anyone else been offered Amazon vouchers by PM

    Recieved an offer from jj0099 to buy $300 worth

    Take care !!

    have reported.


    i have just reported this as well rangers - thanks for putting it up

    im sure mods will sort the scammer out!!

    I got one too :?


    Thanks for the reports guys, could anyone else who's received this please forward the message to me?

    same but i deleted it what does request a recipt mean

    hes been suspended 'WOOHOO' homer accent

    argh i got a message like this bout a week ago, cant remember the user id, wasnt amazon tho was something stupid like "ive seen u like xbox 360 i have a voucher for some games"

    I too have been in touch with this guy, however DID buy vouchers for Amazon.CO.UK, he sent vouchers first, i tested, then paid, and all was fine!

    Initially i he offered me £50 for £35 (sounded too good), and was willing to send first. I accepted, got my 5 £10 codes, tested, worked, so then decided to ask if he would sell his other £50 (told me he had £100) for same price, he agreed, i paid for first lot, he sent second 5 £10 codes, i tested again, made purchases, then paid!

    Received one of the itmes no probs, and other two were pre-orders, but ored taken fine!

    So, that was all good.

    He asked if could contact me directly in future if got any more, so i gave email address, and said ok.

    Recently, i wanted to purchase something else from Amazon, contacted him, few days later he offered me $200, for Amazon.COM this time. Gave a wee spiel, i said i'd have a look and see if could get what i wanted, and would get back to him.

    He told me few people interested, so let him know asap. I never bothered though.

    So, i've had one good transaction with guy (£100 Amazon vouchers for £70!), then backed out. Funny though, because i had said to my other half before all this, sometimes you get one good deal, then a scammer hits you on the second (i watch the Real Hustle, haha :p), so now wondering if this was the case? :?

    As i say though, dealt with guy once, he had no posts on forum, PM'd me, and everything went fine. Second time i chose against, although guy did say he would again give me codes FIRST, before paying, so i would then wonder on that basis how i would get scammed? I would only take codes if i coulda used them instantly, as in had something in mind to buy, as dunno how it works if we both knew the code, he coulda then used them.

    As i say though, never had a problem with the guy.

    Has anyone actually BEEN scammed by this user?

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