Anyone else been screwed over by ?

    Gave these idiots 30 quid for a sim thing.

    Hasn't turned up. Was posted last week via Royal Mail 1st class recorded.

    I've filed a dispute with PayPal.

    Anyone else had any dealings with these bum holes?


    Never heard of them.
    Maybe it has just been delayed or lost in the post?

    Original Poster

    Nah. I was Reading a blog that use to linked to the website.
    There's a few people in the same boat as me.

    Think it is just a scam website.

    I found this post on Google... I also, apparently, had a SIM card adaptor posted last week by any-network. The tracking number they gave me seems valid, but who knows whether it was actually posted.

    No response from their support team yet.

    edit: Then again, there's a lot of information on avforums that suggests people have actually received items from them and they're just incredibly slow at delivery/support.

    lmao @ bum holes

    ^^ I lol'd aswell

    Credit where credit's due, the SIM card thing turned up today and works as advertised.
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