Anyone else bought items on user-snakeeyes21 ?

    I bought and paid for gears of war 2 before xmas and was told he will be posting it on sat,its not here yet and dont expect it till mid week at latest but have a bad feeling the game wont turn up,i could be wrong but dont hold much hope,i noticed he has been suspended twice within a week too and also some other buyers havent got there items.

    why did i pay via gift!!!damn



    tbh might be best closing this and contacting mods...suspensions could be for other reasons and you may still get your game

    (btw..GOW1 is better)

    Original Poster

    how do i contact the mods directly?

    im just going to go upstairs and play GOW2

    Hope you get your game mate


    PM them...

    use this:…706

    when the flame lights up, they are online

    seems to be a lot of this about

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