Anyone else bought the LG50LB650V and have slow menus?

    Afternoon all,

    I bought this TV from currys recently when it popped on here. Only problem i have is the menu, the settings menus and smart options are slow. For instance when i try to open it and scroll down its like its buffering it. The smart menu takes its sweet ass time too when scrolling along to the Smartshare and accessing it.

    I've updated the TV to the newest firmware 4.3 ish or something.

    Anyone else having slow problems? or have i just bought a TV that is just slow when you access menus?

    Cheers all, and happy new year in a couple of days!


    Probably poor processor hence lag.

    Possibly poor wifi connection? sometimes when it's updating things it'll make everything seem a little slow, Try menu's again after a few minutes.

    Got my parents this one, must say I didn't notice any significant lag on the settings menus or when connecting to NowTV
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    Just returned an LG 55lb730v and web os was very slow, in settings it moved down a bout 2 seconds after pressing button. It did not go back for that reason though.

    Disable CEC and try the menus again.

    i noticed bad lag when i tried a LG tv when i was buying one, the Samsung was also bad but nowhere near as bad as the LG

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    I went out and bought the magic remote. Hoping that if the lag remained I'd see the cursor just hanging. Also did a reset of the TV and things have noticeably improved. No idea if it's the remote or reset but am happy now. Thanks for all the replies. Now just gotta figure out how to configure the image to best quality.

    I recently bought the LG50lb650v...but I notice there is some what over a glear or mist like picture when watching football or any fast moving sports,wondering could it be down to my calibration and such...

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    I have the same effect when I play assassins creed rogue. I've found a YouTube clip on how to calibrate the 42" tv so will give that a go
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