Anyone else come across 02 taking inclusive minutes from the following month

I have just received a bill from 02 that states I used 126mins last month, however I know for a fact I used over 160mins.
My inclusive minutes run from the 15th of each month and I made a 42min call at 9pm on the 14th which should of been included.
However on checking my balance today they have gone and taken the 42min call out of this months allowance instead even though I had minutes remaining and it was within last months inclusive minutes balance.
That now means within a couple of days of this month I have already used 50mins and so will have to be extra careful for the next 25 days to avoid going over my inclusive minutes.
When I phoned 02 they simply said that the computer takes sometimes 48hrs to register the minutes and because the call was made so close to the cut off it was taken out of this months inclusive minutes instead.

Are they allowed to do this and does this breach their T&Cs.

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Yup they can do this. Did you have enough minutes last month to cover the call? not that it makes a difference but it cold have worked out to your advantage.
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