Anyone else find this wierd?

    Hmm I'm just wondering why MICROSOFT provide APPLE with MICROSOFT WORD,POWERPOINT,ETC
    For £110
    Office 2008 for Mac - Home & Student…MDQ

    Microsoft Office 2008 helps you build professional-looking, compatible and complex documents quickly and with ease. Share documents with friends and colleagues whatever system they're using - Mac OS X or Windows.

    And with hundreds of new customisable templates, you can present your content in documents that look professional and work intuitively. Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac is great for any skill levels, whether you're producing personal documents at home or working on a student project.
    .Word 2008
    The powerful new tools in Word 2008, bring together a range of view options and more than 100 designer templates that let you create exciting, colourful documents in a few simple steps.

    Design media-rich newsletters and brochures in minutes in Publishing Layout view, or colour code your notes for easy reference in Notebook Layout view. All the tools are at your fingertips, allowing you to present your vital information in the most appealing way possible.
    .Excel 2008
    You create and manipulate charts or graphs more easily than ever before in Excel 2008. Whether you're new to Excel or a seasoned pro, you can quickly manipulate your data using a multitude of high-quality design layouts, to better illustrate your important facts and figures.

    Whether your inputting accounts information or presenting detailed experiments, Excel lets you get the most out of your raw data, calculating with complex formulae so you don't have to. And with a range of customisable templates you can present you're a totally unique picture based on your results or figures.
    .PowerPoint 2008
    What's more, all of the tools in the office suite are fully compatible with PowerPoint 2008 - from Word documents to Excel Spreadsheets. Capture the attention of your audience and lead people through a truly engaging and visually rich presentation.

    Drag and drop design elements and charts to bring a blank slide to life with stunning visuals, superb transition effects and sounds - all at the click of a button.
    .Entourage 2008
    Entourage 2008, the hub of Office 2008, helps you to manage your day smoothly, one job at a time. Schedule tasks and prioritise your workload in one clear, stand-alone interface. Send and receive emails and filter out the junk, so you stay on top and in sync throughout the day.
    .Messenger for Mac
    Communicating with family, friends and colleagues is simple with Messenger for Mac 7. It offers a quick, hassle-free way to contact people in different locations or time zones, send small files or just simply chat. Messenger includes interoperability with Yahoo!, a spelling checker and secure messaging for your safety.


    why wouldnt they?

    Original Poster


    why wouldnt they?

    Because Microsoft and Apple don't exactly like each other.

    Microsoft+Apple=Hate ? Possibly :whistling:


    why wouldnt they?

    :thumbsup: +1

    it's a business and i'm sure Bill Gates owned Apple stock when he was at MS.

    Subbed cos I don't see where this is going......

    Apple know full well they'd lose customers if MS didn't have products on OSX.

    Microsoft wouldn't exactly ignore a market when there is one to be had.

    Both benefit, think of two mafia clans co-operating ala Godfather (but without the murder etc and actually working... lol)

    clubba 786;8450754

    Because Microsoft and Apple don't exactly like each … Because Microsoft and Apple don't exactly like each other.Microsoft+Apple=Hate ? Possibly :whistling:

    evidence on this ? :?

    or is this like the pretend Simon Cowell hates Louis Walsh news :whistling:


    Microsoft is one of the most successful companies in the world because they think of things like this op.

    M$ selling their products to people using a rival OS - What's so surprising? Office is industry standard regardless of what machine you use. If people want to have Macs, then why not sell your product to them anyway? Money is money.


    [email protected] op's avatar btw... i doubt it's meant to look like that :lol:

    What is the bigger surprise is that mso on the apple "seems" more stable than the windows version lol
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