Anyone else getting annoyed with this stupid Google Instant!?

    Really winds me up.I type in my search it throws it up and then lands at the bottom of the page.I then cannot scroll down cos it just tabs down to the next find.
    Anyone else hate it !!


    yeah its **** annoying but i managed to turn it off completly so im all happy now!

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    I turn it off then it randomly comes back a few days later....did you just click on 'turn instant off' button and it stayed off?

    I like it

    When i go to use backspace it just stays were it was, I have to do a complete search again


    nop, its fine for me. Lags a little bit sometimes

    You should be able to modify the search settings here:…ces just remember to hit save at the bottom. I have a Google account and I am always logged in, perhaps that is why it always remembers it for me.

    The issue I have been having is since this 'update' I have been unable to turn off the 'suggestions' that appear when you begin typing in the search box. I personally find this extremely annoying as I type faster than I could click any of the suggestions, so never use the feature.

    Although I have just found a way around it by using…e=0 as my homepage instead. The "webhp?complete=0" seems to disable the suggestions thankfully.

    I have got use to the side bar being on Google now but it really does annoy me when they add features without an option to turn on/off. I hear a lot of people are now using Bing instead but I find that just the same, too much stuff being rammed down my throat with no options to customise
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    It comes back on after you press the 'clear recent history'
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