Anyone else getting/have been screwed over by CDiscount?

    Ordered a TV from them on the 14th, was in stock when I ordered it and it said expected delivery within 3-5 days. It's the 27th now and I've still got nothing! Called customer service only to find out they don't have stock and to expect it this week...somehow I don't think that's very likely! What annoyed me the most was that I had to enquire to them, when it is their duty to inform me about stock issues. What a load of rubbish.

    Anyone else in the same boat? I guess I'll wait it out until friday but it's not looking too hopeful!


    I had a simliar issue with a monitor i ordered I ended up waiting 3 weeks & they still couldnt get it in stock so as soon as they credited my account with the cash back from my order i spent it. Then i cancelled the order as they said it would be a least another 3 weeks before the item comes in stock. its been longer then they 3 weeks & iv checked the site a couple of times & they still dont have the monitor in stock

    I assume you ordered when the flash sale was on.

    I ordered the same morning BEFORE the details were posted on here and still they didn't have the item in stock,i waited a week and asked for a refund last Friday and i still haven't had the refund!

    Update,received the refund this morning,hadn't had it when i checked last nite.

    But you see it a lot from that company,they take orders they cannot fulfill in the 3-5 days stated

    Id' start trying to get my money back right away if I were you, the liquidators have been called in for

    I tried to order from them on friday. They didnt allow the order to go through.

    Then I heard they were going into liquidation.

    I think it's rather inappropriate that their site is still up really, I'd expect a notice from their Administrators.
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