Anyone else had problems ordering from Simply Games?

Found 21st Apr 2008
Just wanted to ask this in here.... Anyone else had problems ordering from Simply Games?

I ordered "Condemned" for the PC, it's an oldie, but supposed to be good, and it was only £4 from Simply Games, so I thought I Would give it a try.

So, got an email confirmation, on the 17th, got a dispatch notification on the 20th, and thought all was well.

"We just thought you should know that your order for Condemned () has now been picked, packed and despatched to you. All standard orders are sent via Royal Mail First Class so your order should arrive with you very soon. Consoles are despatched via 24 hour courrier."

Then on the 21st they decided to send me an "order cancelled" notification due to the item being unobtainable! Doesn't make any sense! And here's the fun part - it is still available to order on their website.

I highly doubt I will order from them again. Anyone else had problems?
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I've ordered from them a few times in the past, slow turnaround but always got my items, cut it very close with a DS a few xmas's back.
They have had "issues " in the past but I think they were under new management a while back. I ordered an XBox carrycase with screen some time ago and it came through fine with no problems.

I remember being dubious at the time though as were a few others.

Sorry Emma , can't help any more than that, you tried phoning them ??

Can't find a phone number !! Couple of email addresses below from old … Can't find a phone number !! Couple of email addresses below from old correspondance with them.[EMAIL="admin@simplygames.com"]admin@simplygames.com[/EMAIL][EMAIL="customer-services@simplygames.com"]customer-services@simplygames.com[/EMAIL]

Thanks. They sent me the bog standard cancellation email and I replied, and got an apology, which looked like it was written by an actual person.

But I'm still not getting my game
Just looked back over my orders and found out I did have an issue with them about cheap xbox games.
They took orders , charged my credit card then said they were out of stock. Refund given.

I also had an issue with them about how they held credit card details on their site. I don't know if they've changed it now but you used to be able to see your sull credit card number when logged into your account.
Unusual as all other companies online I know blank out parts of the number ??

Hope that helps, memory like a sieve , lol
My CC is blanked out now
this also happened to me 3 times
Now I look at my bank account.... and they have taken my money!!!

EDIT - they put it back the next day :oops:
I remember pre-ordering San Andreas from SG for a great price, got it all well and good, checked my balance later and saw that they had refunded the money!
I've only orderded a few times,not had any problems. Plenty of other companies do this,like Zavvi,say dispatched take money and then they say they not got your items ordered,then big chase up for refund.
Well, never before have I had a dispatch email, and then the company reneges on the deal.
If they sent you a dispatched email that states the item has already been dispatched, then clearly they are lying - and by that point probably also breaking the terms of an agreed contract - although not really sure if its worth doing anything about. They shouldn't have sent it but at the end of the day its not really worth the fuss of making a written complain about...

Well, never before have I had a dispatch email, and then the company … Well, never before have I had a dispatch email, and then the company reneges on the deal.

Happened to me over DS games from Zavvi,they were £5 each, New Zealand story and some other.It was the time when the postal strike was on,I thought they got lost or delayed,turned out they never sent them in 1st place yet charged,then hassle to get money back as they were confused themselves.

Eerie game.http://www.thehut.com/hut/9944803.product £3.93 2-4 week … Eerie game.http://www.thehut.com/hut/9944803.product £3.93 2-4 week wait though!http://www.asda-entertainment.co.uk/asda/9944803.product £3.93 2-4 weeks again!Hope you get it.:thumbsup:

Same company :-D
Well I never.:oops:

Well I never.:oops:

Bit misleading actualy Stephen, I think what actually happens is Asda use The Hut to handle all their Entertainment sales. (dvd's, Cd's and the like)
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