Posted 22nd Oct 2022 (Posted 12 h, 14 m ago)
Admittedly I’m not a fan of driving in general, due to weather conditions I had to drive to where I was going and it made me remember how much I hate night time driving. I passed my driving test pretty late in life [28] and tbh I don’t see what is so fun about it.. 4 years of driving and it is boring to me, when I first got my license I wanted to be in my car 24/7 but now I don’t even want to look at it, I cycle most of the time.
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    I love driving at night. Quiet roads, more atmospheric, even dumps of a place look appealing, people who tend to do 40 in both a 60 and 30 zone and other unconfident drivers are tucked up in bed, no mobile camera vans. Bit of Prodigy or LCD Soundsystem and then just gun it, one of the few times I can use all the performance of my car.
    I live in a rural area with dark country roads and it is commonplace to see 'confident' drivers neatly parked in ditches the next morning
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    It’s okay but I hate the morons who think they need full beam on just because there are no street lights. Then they forget to turn it off.

    If you need full beam at night and it’s not bad weather then slow down , and go get an eye test.
    What about cars that have automatic full beam like mine?
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    I love driving at night, particularly if the roads are quite quiet. I find it very relaxing just with some quiet music, a bit of fresh air, and (usually) just my own company.

    There are two things I don't like about driving at night;

    1. Modern headlights that can light up a city (or even worse, cars that have had their normal lights swapped for brighter ones without all the extra work required).
    2. Those who think their lights are on but it's actually just the daytime running lights. DRL's can be as bright as headlights on the front and give the driver a false sense of having lights on. Unfortunately, DRL's rarely have their rear lights on.
    Yes. A lot of cars now seem to have super bright lights, even when on dip. I'm sure they must be illegal in some cases. I think in France all cars had to have yellow headlights to lessen the blinding effect of white lights but not sure if still the case there...
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    I find i can't see things very well at night even though eyesight is good . I try to avoid it if possible, makes me nervous & stressed out!
    I totally agree. I tend to enjoy driving during the day and never find myself stressed, but at night - my goodness, I have no idea why, but my eyes are straining and by the time I leave the car I realise that I was tense and my body responded to that. I feel I have to focus much harder at night time and this tends to increase tension. I don't enjoy it, yet I love day time driving. Oddly I know people who thing the complete opposite
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    these modern headlights are blinding!
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    Love night driving, but hate night time driving with rain. Windscreen always looked smeared and foggy for a blip of a second when it rains
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    Since the council changed most of the street lights where I Iive to LED's driving at night seems to have gotten worse IMO, yeah I know it supposed to save power and be brighter etc etc... but there's a lot more darker places such as entrances to junctions and footpaths where there weren't before.
    Depends on the lamppost but those ones that don’t defuse the light well, so it only lights up underneath are awful.

    I’d also say LED lights on cars and bikes now can be a bit disorienting at times. Especially the one on push bikes and aftermarket ones fitted to cars. When there not adjusted correctly they can blind you.
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    When I was younger I loved driving - sense of freedom and all that - and I wasn't bothered if it were day or night.
    There were nowhere near as many cars as there are now, it was a lot less hectic.

    Older now and bored of doing same old journeys same old experiences - so bored it almost makes one drop off to sleep behind the wheel - not from tiredness but boredom.

    Maybe you're bored.
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    I recently drove up to and from Devon 4hr 30 there and same back, I liked the country and village roads I find them interesting and a great way to sightsee but the 3/4 hours on the motorway got very boring, the last hour was a slog
    There used to be a car by rail network on Europe where e.g. you could drive onto a train in Hamburg and drive off in Switzerland. It was a favourite of middle class holidaymakers and business people. That was in the 1960s. Today we're too modern and rich to afford this sort of thing.
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    Depends on the weather for me, heavy rain at night is not fun.
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    Hate driving at night especially if its raining. I have anti-glare on my glasses but some cars headlights still blind me. Luckily i rarely have to go out after dark.
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    I used to love driving at night empty roads .
    I no longer drive at all due to a life changing accident while out walking .
    Sorry to hear that but must have been some time ago, roads ain't empty at nights no more, especially motorways
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    I do most of my driving during the day…not a fan of nighttime driving due to having health conditions that don’t help….to be honest not using my car much at the moment if I don’t need to as not wanting to waste my diesel on unnecessary journeys…I’m lucky though as where I stay have numerous shops and supermarkets within walking distance!
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    I have the opposite where I have to drive in the pitch black every morning for 45 minutes.
    My problem is being blinded by people who haven't dipped their headlights down towards the road.
    I have a 63 plate alfa romeo and I have a setting through my dashboard to move the direction of my headlights up or down and I have them set to the setting just above full down. I think there is 5 overall.
    Also the same thing in my work van.
    I don't care what brightness or colour of lights people have, go through your car settings or go to a garage to get them directed down towards the f'ing road instead of my eye level.
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    Depends on the circumstance. If it’s a dark rainy winters evening driving in a city with loads of traffic. Not particularly.

    But if it’s a clear night in the early hours of the morning on empty roads. I find that somewhat enjoyable.
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    Anonymous User
    I'm not a fan of night driving outside of towns or cities - but where I live that means I have to at some point.

    We have a car with automatic headlights, which is fine for turning them on and off when it's dark, but it also has high beam assist and I really, really hate that. I think I've turned it off, but I've not been out at night since I did that to find out.
    If I have to drive at night I actually prefer being on the country roads rather than the city roads as the amount of times I get blinded by people with misaligned lights in the city far outnumbers the times it happens on country roads.

    It just happens less on country roads and I get the impression that maybe country peeps check their motors a bit more often than city folks - could be wrong, but heyho.
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    Like a few others, I don't mind night driving when it's dry but don't like it in heavy rain (driving in rain in daylight doesn't bother me).

    The worse part is, depending on street lighting, road markings can become almost invisible.
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    Driving for me in general has become a chore, it’s got worse since I became a courier, I’ve since quit that but any excuse now to be a passenger instead of a driver…I’m not a bad driver tbf but get a bit sick of all the selfish drivers on the road that pull out on you and don’t even know they are doing it..driving for me at night was definitely harder and courier work at night, finding addresses was a complete nightmare.
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    I don't mind no lights but no catseyes on motorways and dual carriageways is a problem
    I never really noticed this as most of the roads I drive on are lit, but actually being out this evening I know what you mean. Especially as it's been raining so the white lines are not overly visible anyway, looking for the traditional spots of light I didn't realise they just weren't there anymore.
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    Love driving any time of the day, anywhere! Always have done.

    I do find the modern headlights a bit bright and the people who don’t knock off main beams until they’ve blinded you are absolute muppets, I give them a flash back as they’re about to pass - providing no one is behind them!
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    Hate travelling at night now!

    I don't think you can park there
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    It's definately worse now with so many major sections of road without lighting
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    I think there are more deaths from accidents on rural roads than on any other type of road. Motorways are safest apparently, though often don't feel like it when you are on them.
    It all depends on statistics, if you work it out on accidents per 1000 cars then yes it's much safer on a motorway. But then if there is an accident on a rural road it's usually just one car, maybe two. The same thing on a motorway usually involves cars into the double figures.
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