Posted 2nd Nov 2009
I have to rant;

I absolutely hate my neighbours, I know hate is a strong word but seriously - I can't stand them.

They are benefit scroungers, she has never worked in her life and just keeps popping out children (I believe they are up to six now) and he is a complete moron who thinks he is a "hard man", he doesn't work either and the very few occasions he has worked he has been sacked or quit after a matter of weeks.

They have no respect for anyone else, playing loud music throughout the day, screaming and swearing constantly at each other and their children. They have threatened various families around here, including mine, for no apparent reason - it has actually gotten to the stage where I find myself becoming increasingly paranoid regarding them, such as not even wanting to go out at the weekend in case anything kicks off them I am not here.

Does anyone else live near absolutely morons?
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