Anyone else having any problems with Sky + HD Anytime?

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Found 18th Sep 2010
Anyone else having any problems with Sky + HD Anytime?

Mine wont let me watch cake boss it freezes channel selection up and I have to hard reset the box.

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Ours just did the same, tried to watch the Bucket List. Re-set it and it's ok now.

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Reset it four times wont let me use anytime.

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Box just switched itself off. Think I will be ringing sky on monday.


Just checked and mine is ok. Has done it in the past though and a reset and eternal wait while it boots itself up again seems to do the trick.

Don't know but Cake Boss is

Yep just done the same here had to reboot .

mine wouldnt pause last night

I've had so many problems with my sky boxes, they want to charge me to come out and fix it/replace each time, then found out they're giving me used boxes, so is it any wonder they last for a month or two then clap out.

Yeah same here. Just locks up every time.

same is happening with mine how do you reboot? is it just switching off for a minute & then switch the box back on or is there knack to resetting like with the sky+ box?

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okay glad its not just my box means sky screwing up.


Mine started doing it today as well now.

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Mine started doing it today as well now.

Mines stopped doing it. Fetching sky.

Yes mine did the same thing. Everytime I turned it on, it played for 5 secs then turns itself off. Took about an hour and it seems to be fine now.
How do you do a hard reset?
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