Anyone else having googlemail issues?

    I have had 4 accounts with google for about 2 and a half years, signed in to 3 of them last night with no issue but today all 3 are locked as google says I have breached their terms and conditons and need to verify my details with a phone call or text message!

    I have no idea why they had suddenly done this after a few years as surely its ok to have more than 1 email address with them?


    i've just got the one, but i've heard others with multiple accounts who have had some deleted.

    I don't know the answer but am guessing it's trying to discourage the use of more than one account now that it has to pay a royalty fee to IIIR for using the gmail suffix for UK customers as you can now use gmail or googlemail as your email address.

    I have 2 and no issues with either today, but I do rarely send from them if that helps?

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    Well 3 out of the 4 I have I never really use, one is my main email address and one I use for ebay(which I rarely use) and the other 2 I just keep for backup incase I need some info sent to.

    Just signed out of one and into the other then back out again - no issues here - sorry I can't help any more than that

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    It could be something else, I do use different ip's all the time i.e just moved house a few weeks ago and take laptop to parents about twice a week and use it there, or go to Wetherspoons or another pub and access there but never done anything against the TOC in my knowledge.

    Thats the only thing that may be brought up but dont know why it would flag the accounts to be banned.

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    Right then, looks like I have some form of virus I reckon from last night when I got a virus warning when trying to go on a webpage.

    The virus seems to be mailing everyone on my address book that I have sent emails to in past even ones from 2 years ago.

    I only know this as got verification code for one of my accounts and it has about 15 undelivered message emails.

    ahhhhhh so google have blocked you as a spammer perhaps then?


    That ll be it then, your accounts have been flagged for spamming, you will just need to give them a call to explain and should be ok.
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