Anyone else having PayPal problems today?

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Found 30th Mar 2010
I sold an item on eBay on Sunday.

Yesterday, Monday, I got an eBay message saying that it had been paid for through PayPal but that "payment is still being processed".

The money has still not gone into my PayPal account today (4.45pm Tuesday), and My eBay still shows "Payment being processed".

I have never experienced this situation before. Is it common? What does "Payment being processed" mean? Or is is just that something has gone wrong with the PayPal system?

Any advice greatly appreciated.

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sound like someone has sent you a paypal e-cheque these usually show as processing for about 7-10 days then they will clear (or bounce). do not send the item until the payment clears obviously. If you check your emails you should have a paypal email like usual showing the details of the buyer etc but i will say that it is an echeque and it will give you an estimated date that the payment should clear.

Banned could be echeque or very new buyers who have bough a high value of goods or buyers who have had a previous reversal due to bounced payment.

PP, will make sure they have the funds before saying the payment is complete.

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Thanks for the replies.

I did wonder whether it meant he had insufficient funds to pay for it.

I certainly have no intention of sending it until payment arrives. :thumbsup:

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email your buyer to let them know whats going on , saves getting a poor … email your buyer to let them know whats going on , saves getting a poor DRS for postage

Yes, thanks, I have already sent him two emails (yesterday and today) to let him know the situation.

He has replied: "I will chase it up but everything looks normal this end." :?

(What's a DRS?)
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