Anyone else having problems logging into

Found 7th Feb 2015
Anyone? ITs saying wrong password when it clearly isnt and password reset isnt working either.
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I've logged in via the app, though it says at top of screen that Game is under going maintenance, so that is hopefully all that's wrong with trying to access your account.
thank you
I'm having exactly the same problem. Keeps asking for a password to be put in the password field, when there isn't even a password field.
Contacted Live Chat and eventually sorted out the problem.
I reported this problem 4 days ago and they said it was my computer. Finally i got signed in and noticed my email address had changed. I fixed that and thought that was it. But it happened again and again.

Now they say it could be next week before its fixed. At long last they have admitted its their problem and not my computer. If you really want to preorder a ltd edt item you can use the guest sign in.
What about the reward points you would get if you log In
Been having a nightmare trying to log into, not receiving the email for forgot password.
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