Anyone else having problems signing into BT Yahoo today?

    I don't seem to be able to get to their site via BT Yahoo Browser. Anyone else having this problem?


    Wonder if it's anything to do with the BT Webwise trials. Do you use BT as your ISP?

    Starting Sept 30th, BT are supposed to be trialling Webwise, a product developed and supplied by a company called Phorm.

    They say it is a way of getting targeted advertising to appear on web pages that use the service, but which would normally only carry random ads. BT also claim that Webwise will protect you against a few Internet nasties including phishing sites.

    The thing works by intercepting your browsing data for any web page. The page you have called up is analysed using Deep Packet Inspection and the content analysed for keywords. The words are recorded. The page is modified to plant a cookie on your machine if there is no Webwise cookie already there. The cookie carries a randomly generated number which identifies your machine so that future pages you access can be analysed for keywords and that data added to the profile associated with the cookie serial number.

    When you access a page with space for adverts placed by the system, it reads your cookie and allocates adverts to the page which are suggested by the profile it has built up against the ID in the cookie.

    All of your data is, in theory, open for inspection, including persoanl data that you may enter however BT and Phorm promise they won't read it

    You CAN opt-out of the process. you should have been presented with a screen from BT which tells you about Webwise (actually it only tells you half the story). Unfortunately your data may still be intercepted but BT promise not to read it.

    If you are a BT subscriber, I hope you are comfortable with:

    * Your browsing habits being intercepted in the first place

    * (If you own a site which is ever accessed by a BT subscriber infected with Webwise) The Intellectual Property that is your site content being intercepted by BT and used for commercial gain, without your permission (or even benefit!)

    * The prospect of all your data potentially being open for inspection.

    * The fact that BT/Phorm PROMISE they won't read anything you don't want them to, but that there's nothing to actually stop them doing so.

    * The honesty and integrity apparently displayed by Phorm and BT


    * The fact that Phorm has its roots in the 121Media, which is recorded by several antivirus houses and has an evil reputation in the deployment by stealth of some nasty malware, some of which was concealed with a rootkit . Check out these if you want to find out more:






    and lastly, the analysis carried out by Dr Claydon, an acknowleged authority on Internet technology:

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