Anyone else having problems with slow mail???

    Ive ordered from gamestation, play, and some things off ebay, and also waiting for things from this site. Some posted last week, one on 29th december. Is it just me??? or is 1st class mail just really slow at the minute???


    Play will be slow this week as lots of there staff are on holiday this week after a very busy xmas and new year. But in general Royal Mail are pants!

    Lol I agree with Gavin

    I'm waiting on a new iPod, ordered it off Amazon on Tuesday and chose the "Express" next day delivery service. Suprise suprise; this is delivered by the Royal Mail's special Recorded Delivery service. It's so special that they state it was delivered yesterday when it clearly wasn't. I checked Amazon and their tracker said it was delivered at 11:19 this morning. Actually when I checked that it was about twenty past eleven, so I rushed to the front door to see if the delivery man was anywhere in sight. He wasn't.

    I've got a few orders I am waiting for. Partly slow companies, partly slow mail I think

    I had an item despatched from play last thursday and its still not arrived!

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    so im not the only one then....makes me feel a bit better lol

    Spooky !
    Doorbell went as I was reading this and the postman delivered 4 packages from !
    I hate things like this, just when I'm sure we all just turn into worm fodder and then something scary happens which makes me think there just may be a higher existence.

    Hmmm. Maybe that's a bit OOT but you know what I mean !

    Oh and yes post is slow Taz....................Happy New Year


    Christmas effect. Postal service delivery standards dont recover until 2-3 weeks after santa has been. I always use 2nd class around this period as it doesn't make a blind bit of difference putting 1st class postage on things.

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    yeah i think ill ring the sorting office and just ask if anything is there first...

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    all im recieving now is junk...i havent even got my mobile bill

    Well i paid £3.99 for my new Nokia phone to be delivered today by courier and that hasnt turned up either

    Taz, no sign today?

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    no waiting on things off ebay and this site...and gamestation and play....both say been dispatched too...also dealxtreme which i know takes a while anyway...

    funny tho...seems everything ive sent has been recieved...apart from 2 things...but since i post about 10+ a week, thats pretty good lol

    ok no probs lol, when it arrives, let me know ;-)
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