Anyone else having problems with transactions from Best Buy (via Quidco) not tracking?

    I posted this a few days ago but got very little response - now that BB are currently offering 15% cash back via Quidco, more of you may be placing orders with them. I have placed a total of 3 separate orders with Best Buy since last Sunday - only 1 of the transactions has successfully tracked (within 1/2 an hour no less!!) but the other 2 are missing. I'm just about to raise a missing transaction ticket via Quidco but was curious as to whether others are also having the same problem. Thanks, Liz


    I ordered a TV but after 2 days it didnt track, I cancelled the order because they changed it to 15% cashback but I emailed Quidco and they basically said be patient

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    Have a look down the page.

    What do you mean? - am I missing something? I did consider cancelling the order but it was for a Panasonic TV that is now out of stock. I was however lucky to place an order for another TV for one of my kids last week which DID track and at 15% too. Now that I have a second order that I placed on Thursday that hasn't tracked I am wondering if there may be a gremlin in their system - maybe they just don;t want to pay cashback on costly items - I hoping to get back £150+. It does make you wonder?

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    Oh, thanks. Maybe there are underlying problems with the interface between Quidco & Best Buy?


    Oh, thanks. Maybe there are underlying problems with the interface … Oh, thanks. Maybe there are underlying problems with the interface between Quidco & Best Buy?

    i reckon so

    there are and also with topcashback. They clearly dont want to give 20% away


    Seems quite clear that Best Buy are using phoney cashnack claims to lure people to make purchases they`d not otherwise make. I`m sure deception in thid way is illegal.

    On a side not, I bought a fridge from them in November which was faulty. Chased numerous timrs and given apologies. 8 days ago i was told it had now been cdone. Called yesterdsy and promised a call back.... Which didnt happen either.

    Thanks Scott and Minure for being lying ****. I intend now on raising a dispute with my bank.

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    I have to say that despite having had problems in getting my cashback on my 'large' TV purchase, I cannot fault their customer service. The first TV that arrived has a blemish on the edge of the screen which I rang and told them about. Having paid £1500+, I wasn't prepared to accept a 'discount' off of it to keep it, so they agreed a fairly prompt collection & replacement for me. Just a shame the admin between Quidco and them & their loyalty to pay out on large purchases seems a little bit contraversial!! It would be good to hear from someone who HAS been paid a large cashback by them - all I've been told is that my transaction with Quidco could not been tracked and that the cashback has been paid to another referrer - something not quite right there - especially when the latter happens without your prior knowledge. I call it daylight robbery!!!

    I had loads of problems with them yesterday, cancelled an order as it didnt track with the intention of ordering again. Tried 5 different cards and my wife's bestbuy account and could not purchase from the site with any. Bestbuy wont admit they have a problem - to make matters worse (or not in the unlikely event it gets paid), the quidco has now tracked!
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