Anyone else having problems with TSB in the bank aswell as online?

Found 25th Apr
Just been into the bank to pay money into our bills account and the system isn’t working in the bank properly either. It was 16.55 when I got to the bank and the worker said that 124 cheques still need processing and they can’t go home from work until they are all processed which will be around 9pm tonight, when she was trying to put the money into my account it wouldn’t go in and they’ve had the same problem all day. She also said to keep hold of the receipt as some people having been back saying the money deposited has disappeared. Waiting for the announcement that the bank has been under cyber attack by some offshore pirates
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Have you been hiding under a rock all week?
Have you been hiding under a rock all week?
It’s been 6 days now that TSB has had their IT crisis and still no definite timeline when it will be sorted.
No, I don't bank with tsb
psychobitchfromhell42 m ago

Have you been hiding under a rock all week?

Metaphorically speaking, yes! I don’t really have time to watch tv or read newspapers. I did get a message via the app saying online banking won’t be available because the app is being upgraded. I assumed this meant the app only and it was ok to walk into the bank and deposit money. Maybe I should watch more tv and I won’t miss out on these things.
Apparently some people have had access to other people accounts when they view their own account online. They could easily move money from someone else account to their own.
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Yes it was off for 5 days rather than the Sat-Sun 1800 they warned about (do read your notifications !) . Came back for me this morning - 3 days late ! But apparently some folks still having problems - and for me its still really clunky , but just about working - Totally not acceptable - if it has caused you loss or distress they have a claim line -but I should wait a couple of days as that line is jammed solid .
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I heard about the issues and I don't bank with TSB. Feel sorry for the staff at your branch!
I blame the Russians, oh no wait we will now need to start blaming iran
I have an account with them but not my main one so didn't need to access anything these days
Misslovely3 h, 15 m ago

I blame the Russians, oh no wait we will now need to start blaming iran

Then we can invade them because now it will be justified.
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