Anyone else having problems with

I've had problems with the games rental site recently. Anyone else had a problem?

Firstly they couldn't take my payment (nothing wrong on my side) then took it a few days later.
Secondly they haven't sent any games since then (about two weeks now).
Thirdly, when I go to login, my PC tells me their security certificate has been revoked!
Fourthly, I sent an email a few days ago but haven't had a reply. I went to phone just now but it's only taking answering messages.

Does anyone else belong to this site? If so, can you get access or is it just me?

I've also had a dodgy 2.50euro charge on my credit card statement at a Spanish hotel - never been to Spain. Could this be linked?

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If i were you id maybe ring up the bank and get them to stop your card immediately.

I had a problem with ebuyer, they wouldnt accept my payment when there was no problems on my end, a few days later i was told that someone had run up £400 worth of bills using my card, luckily none of the money had been taken out.
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