Anyone else having problems with Yodel

Posted 20th Dec 2011
Anyone else having problems with Yodel

Ordered this deal from Dabs…936

Dispatched by Dabs for delivery by Yodel on the 15th Dec it reached the local depot @ 2:30 A.M. on the 16th where it has gone missing. Yodel has also left parcels outside my front door on three separate occasions. And lost another parcel completely.
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Yodel are awful, i do not know anyone who hasn't had a problem with them
Not personally but know people who have and said their service is awful. The usual stuff like parcels being left in a bin and no calling card left and also throw over a back gate.
A women I work with ordered a Canon DSLR from Amazon and it was despatched 1/12 and still not received by the 9/12 and was still showing as out for delivery on their site. When she phoned the company they said they didn't know the location of the parcel so looks like someone got a free Xmas present.
They do it all the time, worse still they some times have the status delivered when clearly it hasnt been and 20 minutes later it says out for delivery.
Have had a fair few words to say to Yodel this year, pure idiots sometimes
They usually blame there RFT scanners at the sorting depot
Don't even get me going on THEM!!!!!
the guy delivered to me the other day and i signed on paper cos the terminal isnt working...i imagine theyre all looking for jobs cos our driver changes regularly
Don't even talk about couriers today...I've sat in all day waiting for a collection by City Link booked through Interparcel and no ones been...I'm proper annoyed and to make it even worse their t's and c's say that I don't get a refund for non collection! I won't use either of them again.
Yes - order from Very.. Half of my sons christmas presents haven't arrived, been waiting for 1-2 weeks, each day they keep saying 'will arrive tomorrow'

Couple of people at work also having issues with Yodel.
Yodel are the worst of the worst. Utter idiots on the phones as well. Bah!
We have had similar experiences!!! We ordered a canvas print from photo box for a xmas prezzie... not only did they get the delivery dates wrong, but they then left it out on the door step on a wet and windy day, but also with an added bonus of 6 foot prints on the box!!!!!

I HATE them, to the point where id pay more with another online store to avoid them as a courier!
Yodel = HDNL = ****! Do a search, there are loads of threads on it!
They are hateful
Yodel are part of dhl/parcels to go by any chance? They are hiring ordinary folk to use their spare time to deliver parcels for a small charge, however the drivers don't get paid for non delivery, recently had a driver leave an expensive item which required a signature behind my bin and posted card through door, item was taken by a passer by and obviously driver didn't want to return
It to base as it would
Mean no payment for them, it's a terrible system which is badly flawed, they will drive themselves into debt at the rate it's happening, had this happen at least twice in the last few weeks!
your'e not wrong, no delivery no this is happening more and more.....

taken from here…400
Simply put... NEVER USE YODEL

Quick story...

Ordered an Iphone 4S directly from O2. It was due to be delivered Tuesday 13th March. That morning O2 provide me with a tracking number, im at work but my girlfriend took the day off and stayed home waiting.

I routinely checked the tracking number and at approximately 5pm I saw that it had been received and signed for at 4:31pm but my someone called Martin...

Bear in mind my girlfriend is definately not called Martin, had been on the phone to me several times that day and was home with my 2 1/2 year old son, had been visited by my sister and basically not left the house.

So I instantly contact Yodel, to which they even confirm they arent sure who Martin is, what house it was delivered to or anything! They then promised to do enquiries and check with the driver. The driver was sent back out to collect the parcel from wherever he had delivered it to, which he clearly didnt do, instead he clearly drove past my house again and proceeded to provide them with some made up description of a man and stated what car was on our drive...

What he failed to realise, is that he described MY GIRLFRIENDS car and as she is 7 months pregnant, she has cut her hours drastically and is home ALOT.

Needless to say, Yodel are still arguing this, when it is clear that their driver either made a mistake and is refusing to admit it or he is committing fraud. Ive informed O2 of the fraud.

They rebranded from home delivery network (HDNL) to Yodel to try and escape their very bad reputation, trouble is they are still awful. Avoid them at all costs.

Needless to say, I have now cancelled the order/contract with O2 simply because I am not willing to put up with having to guess when and where my phone is! All because they use Yodel to deliver.
Having read all the above comments have realised that I am now not the only one being driven insane by YODEL, I have ordered photos from Photobox who I have used several times. After 1 week and thousands of promises by both companies I am sitting still waiting for my delivery have even changed addresses! so apparently they are on their way today!!! SATURDAY YEAH right!!! and the other address is stuck in waiting as well. When they were hdnl they were so much better. Yodel is the right name for them as they make you want to scream. Oh and the phoning head office they now!!! stop the music at intervals to make you think that you have been cut off! dont hang up they will put you to an operator in 10 minutes!!! Oh if only!! Thinking now what they can re brand themselves as Courier Reaching Addresses Promoptly. Thinks about sums it up!!!!
I have now vowed never to buy from any company that is going to use Yodel. No matter how good the deal is that is being offered, it will not be worth it, if my recent experience is anything to go by. I’ve had three separate problems:
1 They failed to make a delivery. Their website said we were out and they had left a card informing us. We were in and they didn’t leave a card.
2 Yodel delivered two boxes of wine and left them behind the house on a pile of rubble. The cardboard disintegrated in melting snow allowing the bottles to fall everywhere. Luckily no bottle was broken.
3 They failed to deliver three days running. The “reasons” posted on their website did not make sense. They were requested to delay delivery because we were going away for the weekend. They told the supplier that the package was in their depot at the same time as dropping it off with a neighbour.
Just spotted this post on Yodel.

They employ criminals to do their work, I sold an iPhone 4 before Xmas last year and they 'lost' it, and I had to refund the buyer.

The 'lost' phone was on and making calls though, whilst in transit according to their own tracking systems.

Shameful, low life scumbags
A courier from Yodel obtained my name and adress of my shop. He/she then set up fraudulent accounts with on-line retailers.
He/she then ordered goods which were never delivered. Of course it was the same courier who intercepted and kept the goods. Seems like the whole company is riddled with crooks.
A card was pushed through my door on 12 Sept. .saying i was not in. I have rang them up at least 9 times. They promised to call me back. Iam still waitingn for the [b]parcel and a call back. Hoow do they get away with it.
No more on LIne purchases for unles through the GPO.

Virgin Mobile have just started using them and after two weeks of waiting for a phone to be delivered, Virgin were forced to admit they had been innundated by complaints.

Yodel dont answer the phone or respond to emails. They couldnt even find an address in a major building in the City of London. They then promised to deliver on a Saturday to my home address. They never came. I had to cancel the order. How on earth is this company getting contracts from major retailers when they do not deliver in every sense of the word.
does any body no a contact number for yodel i just keep getting machines tracked my parcel says it was delivered yesterday but not to me i think amazon should use a proper carrier company like tnt at least they dont dump and run
I must literally be the only person in the UK that has never had a problem with Yodel.. If I'm not in when they deliver, they leave the parcel with a neighbour.
What can you say about yodel? Had problems every time they're involved. Waited in all day yesterday for my phone, nothing. Checked the tracking and it said "couldn't gain access to building" my buzzer is very loud and easily heard so that was a lie. Today, the same thing but at 10.00am. Funny that coz the cleaners were in and the flat entry door was wide open and they never saw anyone. I'm giving them one last chance then cancelling anything delivered by them. Absolutely useless. Oh, and a contact number which didn't require a number left on the imaginary card would be nice.

I must literally be the only person in the UK that has never had a … I must literally be the only person in the UK that has never had a problem with Yodel.. If I'm not in when they deliver, they leave the parcel with a neighbour.

I've never had a problem with them either. Even when they were HDNL. When they were HDNL, the driver used to make sure he arrived between 12-1pm so you weren't waiting in all day. He was great. The new yodel driver is still good though. He usually arrives from 9am up to 12pm.

The only courier I 've ever had issues with is CityLink. They failed to deliver two items in a row from Amazon.

Out of interest, why are people contacting Yodel? Your contract is with the retailers. Contact them.

I must literally be the only person in the UK that has never had a … I must literally be the only person in the UK that has never had a problem with Yodel.. If I'm not in when they deliver, they leave the parcel with a neighbour.

same here , never had a problem , i guess it depends on area
i came home this afternoon to find a card pushed through the letterbox from Yodel saying that they had put my parcel actually inside my wheelie bin !
It's not just deliveries they can't get right.

Was returning something to Amazon this week and they said if I use the PO I'd have to pay for postage or they can arrange it to uplifted for free... by Yodel.
Being a chancing skinflint, I risked it with Yodel and booked an uplift for last Tuesday.They agreed to uplift between 8am and 6pm, as expected they arrived at 5.50pm.

I've been tracking it since when it was uplifted and the thing's still lying in my local depot.
orderded my sons football kit from sports on 30th nov,still not received yet 14th dec.I was told by yodel that it had already been delivered but i have not signed for anything.when i checked the tracker records it showed me that the last place it where it was is about 20 miles away and signed by someone called dunn which is definetly not me.
.... look at the details of my order....

and the item still has not been received as stated!
I work part time for Yodel and take great pride in delivering the items. If I need to have a signature I will get a signature if I can leave it in a safe place I will do so,but if it's raining I will take the parcel back with me. I always leave a card with me home number on and will try and arrange another time or the person can collect it from my home.
If I am not sure if it's the correct address then I will leave a card and get the person to phone me.

However Yodel are awful at paying the wages to us I am owed over £300.00. Last week they paid us 1 weeks wages instead of 2. How can you run a vehicle on fresh air.
I have parcels here now and will not deliver them until I have been paid.I think they are going bust you have to pay the couriers or things won't get delivered.
I recently ordered two dozen roses (Valentines gift) from Interflora. Delivery was by Yodel. The clever delivery boy left the box at the front door two yards from main road footpath! When he could so easily have left it round the back of the house! Result stolen! Well surprise surprise eh! Moral is if you are a complete idiot without a half ounce of common sense. Give Yodel a bell they'll probably make you a manager!
Interflora get a grip!!!!!! You're choice of courier has lost you any more orders from me! Grrrrrrr! Yes I'm angry!
Sorry to bring up a dead thread, but Yodel are really **** me off. I was supposed to have a parcel delivered on Thursday, was tracking it online, and at around 10:30am, I see online, that a card was left at my door. I was awake and on the PC at the time, no delivery attempt was made at all. No card left either. So I guess the courier was a lazy **** and wanted to go home early or something. ****.

It is supposed to be redelivered the following day, it never even left the depot. I rang them up around 18:00, and she tells me that it's too late to have the parcel marked for saturday delivery, but they will leave a message with the depot to deliver on monday. It is now Monday and the item is still at the depot. I rang them up, and a lady told me, they can tell the depot to have it delivered tomorrow. I mean seriously. I thought myhermes was bad, but **** me...

I have no faith that the item will be delivered, the drivers have probably stolen it. I've posted a complaint on twitter, it's a longshot but I'm hoping a more public complaint will give them a kick up the backside and actually see what is happening.
Well, I was right, they did a seach in the depot for the parcel, but they couldn't find it, looks like someone helped themselves to my stuff
my daughter orederd her wedding dress from overseas got tracking number from day it was despatched everythign was ok until DHL handed the dress over to yodel in glasgow for delivery now the tracking says the dress has been delivered and signed for by someone named mcintyre definitely not to the address it was meant to go to and yodel have said they will contact driver to see where he delivered it to she is getting married in a few weeks and has been waiting for this dress since beginning of April i have one unhappy daughter
Awful service from yodel. Didn't turn up as arranged, only left one card but claim to have attempted to deliver three times. Still haven't got my item. Considering cancelling.
ive missplaced my yodel card but have parcel do i arrange new delivery
Time to bring this up again.

Yodel has just tried to leave a 5th parcel outside the door without even knocking/ringing the bell, someone was in at the time and just noticed him by the door as he was leaving.

Three of the other times someone was in all day, the other time no one was in until late evening, so it was just sat there, blocking the path, which is shared by a few other people (and strangers cut through as well, annoyingly). Neither in or out have they left a card for us.

I have had them knock once, I suspect this is a different person though (ive not seen the five-times guy myself).

How do Yodel take on complaints? Somehow I don't think its worth it. No point us claiming we never received an item as the retailer is bought into it unfairly and the same courier would probably know whats going on too bad companies dont give you a choice half the time or at least declare what courier before hand.
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Yodel claim (via their tracking website) that they attempted to deliver last Saturday and left a call card.

They didn't.

Their website now states they tried to deliver today at about 12:30 and left another call card.

They didn't. I have been in all day and, ironically, received a package via Parcel Force (at about 13:10) that I wasn't expecting until tomorrow (Tues) or Weds. As I have proof of delivery with Parcel Force, at least I can back up my claim that I was indeed at home when Yodel claim to have called. My neighbour who lives in the flat below me can also confirm I have been here all day too.

Yodel. Oh dear!

i like millions of others have never had a problem with yodel, given that … i like millions of others have never had a problem with yodel, given that they deliver around 135 million parcels a year its amazing how few people have had reason to complain

Oh yeah? How many is "few"? Is that just 2 or 3? Now that would be amazing!

You obviously have insider information. Do you work for them?
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