Anyone else having probs getting onto facebook?

    I was on facebook last night but now today whenever I try and connect it says - Firefox can't find the server at

    any ideas? have reset cookies, rebooted but still no joy - cant play my games on facebook!!

    Cheers for any thoughts!


    i cant get on at all 2 day

    ummm try internet explorer i spose. i'm having no trouble getting onto my facebook today.
    i know what you mean though, it's annoying when you can't get on there (especially when you've got crops to harvest!!! hehe!!)

    yep all day

    Working fine for me =/

    i tried to get on fish world and it closes my browser

    Who is with BT broadband here?

    I've been getting that with Firefox as well on and off for the past month. At first I thought it was my connection, but that was fine. After a few minutes, Facebook was back. I can only guess it's a server problem.

    I've been trying to get on with my moby and just says can't connect.... can't get on it at work though... I'm gettign addicted to farmville lol..

    are u on bt? its supposedly a bt problem dunno how true that is…t=0


    I'm gettign addicted to farmville lol..

    me too, lol

    I'm with Bt can get into all other site except FB so no status for me today!!

    I've been trying since this morning i got on once to be told bejeweled blitz is down and not been able to get on since? thought work had blocked it! lol

    No problems at all for me.

    BT / Chrome here - can't get on.


    me too, lol

    I'm trying to get my pals to play it so I can expand my farm... not having much luck though lol


    BT / Chrome here - can't get on.

    +1 Perfect setup :thumbsup:

    Its a BT prob and they trying to sort it

    I can't get on either:x

    working fine here on Be.

    Original Poster

    Yeah am on BT - been having a lot of problems with them plus price they quoted me on phone was not what I got charged so trying to cancel but tried an email and they didnt get back to me yet...only use my landline for broadband - its annoying as would go mobile if it had decent speed - but bet its sometimes better than mine!

    Yeah I play mafia wars, mobsters 2, castle age, viking clan, age of castles, farkle, farmville, farm town, school of magic, reign of vampires, vampire wars and probably others - some I like - like the castle one with the dragons and the spinning wheel but some others annoy me but dont want to let clan or neighbours down so keep on playing!! i just go onto the info pages for app and add people for the app - got my 50 neighbours for farmville yesterday but struggling with some of the others!

    Would be interested to know what ar peoples top 3 games on facebook and which ones to avoid! Oh yeah, also do bejeweled and brain buddies too!

    Am happy to add people onto mine if they want more neighbours/bigger clans etc as mainly use facebook for the games!

    nikkiandmidgets : avoid the applications like fancheck, thats given people alot of problems on there
    i'll send you a pm of my fb details i always want more game neighbours , i have a few hukd's on there
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