anyone else having probs with hukd

    everytime i got to post it says server down, but when i come back theres been loadsa new posts so is it just me


    I am having problems too

    no me too
    also keep getting the red crosses again

    and site is slow


    The site is running alot slower than usual. havent encountered the server eror though

    Original Poster Banned

    oh good, waited about 10 mins and kept checking for something in feedback and as no-one mentioned it thought it must just be me

    Thats good thought it was just me for minute then

    Same here, getting all the msgs bout being down etc.....

    Always happens around lunchtimes.

    no me too .... funny I thought it was just me too!



    Yup, here too

    Safe to say not just a few then I think

    same here

    here sir!

    i had a problem the other day signing in... and it's very slow today...

    V e r y s l o w


    Me too since logging back in.

    very slow today:?

    seems to be back now

    Mines been crashing all over the place


    seems to be back now


    Seems to be around lunch time say 1-2:30 always seems to go slow

    Seems I missed the rush hour!

    Painfully slow here.... :-(


    no me tooalso keep getting the red crosses againand site is slow

    yep -images not loading
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