Found 14th Jun 2010
getting onto internet using your mobile?

Im with o2 and keep getting error messages such as 'Connection failed, Try again?' 'Authorisation Failed' etc, tried turning phone on and off, clearing cache.

Nothing wrong according to o2, is it just me?

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Im on o2 not having any problems

Showing on their forum that there have been issues since about 6am. I can't send picture messages or browse the net. It's patchy

i'm with o2 too and have always got that message when trying to use internet, takes a few times of going back and trying again, quite annoying

the net on orange was down for a few hours last week, maybe all providers are running updates or something?

I tried uploadin a couple of pics to my facebook page with no joy

I had the same problem this morning with O2, not tried again since.

mine seems fine...just been watching some of the holland / denmark match using tvcatchup.

i'm on o2

As I said, depends where you live but was fairly widespread and only improving slowly. Reeeeeeally annoying me now though

Mine is fine :thumbsup:
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