Anyone else having trouble accessing YouTube?

    I keep on getting a 502 Server Error...



    Yes... it's taking ages to access youtube & end up with 502 error

    Same here as well.

    working now

    Original Poster

    so it is... lol

    Imagine what would happen in they had to take google down for a while lol...

    (I personally would pronounce the internet as dead../sleeping)


    down again tim

    I think their bandwidth bill caught up with them :P

    youtube is soooooooooooo slow right now

    glad it isnt just me!

    Original Poster

    and its gone down again just lol.

    although no error lol..


    Mines fine

    It's most likely more of the 4chan attacks lol

    Original Poster

    just unplugged my wifi stick and put it back in again and it works fine again.

    lol ... strange lol
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