Anyone else impressed by Amazon Chat?

Found 13th May 2013
I thought it was really good - asked 2 questions now regarding a certain promotion & upgrading my delivery using prime (ordered when I had not got prime).

It's quite hidden away on their website but if you are stuck with anything, give their live chat a try.
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It's not really hidden it is an option on the ''contact us'' page.

A direct link makes it obvious

Heard lots of time Amazon have good CS, but only appreciate it truly 1st hand when you need it
Very handy indeed, they impressed me by honoring a blu ray pre order glitch a few weeks back!

Not really hidden though.
I much prefer chats anywhere I go because you can almost never talk on the phone when at work etc and when out of work, it takes an eternity to get through via phone.

I myself had a chat session last week about an order on prime which never arrived next day.
Had it cancelled and refunded ...got the money this morning...and got the product this morning.

The chat session itself was very professional and quick. No waiting around for responses...Maybe a little annoying when they kept saying I see your frustration ... Felt like strangling them!
i prefer live chat or twitter to solve my problems with retailers.. for amazon i have been well impressed with them. i just recently had a problem with my subscribe and save order as it gave me a delivery date for june. so they offered to give me one item free and they even called to help me out so i would have a better understanding of how to solve the problem. ++ for me

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