Anyone else impressed by the intel i3-8100?

Found 26th Dec 2017
Intel seem to really be stepping up their game recently after the release of ryzen platform. The i3-8100 is basically a cheap i5! 4 cores and performs amazingly well for only £105! Shame that compatible motherboards are still expensive though. G4560 destroyed budget gaming competition, i3-8100 set to take over the middle ground between the new 6 core i5-8xxx series. Wonder how AMD will respond.
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Yeah I thought the same when I had a brief look into building a new system (like I constantly do every couple of months!) The let down really is the price of the motherboards as it seems the only stumbling block to a cheap good quality system.
Anyone else impressed by the intel i3-8100?

I think its a very solid processor for budget gaming, and its important to remember that a lot if not most of PC gamers are budget gamers.. as mention the z370 boards aren't cheap, in fact they started about £80 a couple of months back but they are up £100+ at the moment, with DDR4 and GTX 1060's being overpriced right now as well, its not a good time to build.
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