Anyone else just been through the o2 iphone order fiasco?

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Found 7th Jul 2008
What a sodding nightmare! I had to submit and get my upgrade code 27 times before I could order my 16gb!
and I still have no confirmation email, but the order is showing in my account so fingers crossed.

and what's with the no white iPhones, and out of 16gbs almost instantly!


pmsl, should have wated on the N96 :thumbsup:

You're lucky you got that far.. i got my upgrade code 3 times,.. and other times the website bypassed all that and just asked me to input my details. Every time I got to the next page an error came up.

I called my account exec in the end who said she will "sort it out" for me.. fingers crossed.

If all else fails, I know the guy in an O2 store near to me, and I've asked him to reserve one for me.. although not allowed he said he'll see what he can do.

Might want to read this about the 16Gb iPhone then from Macworld

O2 out of stock of iPhone 3G online
O2 now out of iPhone 3G stock, at least online
Jonny Evans

After a morning of sheer chaos as O2's website ordering system failed to cope with demand, Apple's UK iPhone 3G network this afternoon disappointed thousands of customers with news the device is now out of stock.

The website now says, "Due to huge demand for iPhone 3G, we're currently out of stock online. Come back on 10 July for more information."

That's harsh news for the thousands of existing iPhone customers who pre-booked with O2 for information on how to upgrade. O2 approached all these customers this morning to offer them the chance to book in a fast upgrade to the new model.
What perhaps makes the affair more annoying is that O2 has also admitted to holding no stock yet of the 16GB iPhone 3G,
[/COLOR]while also only offering the device in black.

Hope they get them in soon!!

I had the same experience. Must have entered my details about 50 times. I did eventually get an Ok message but I have no idea whether it got through or not as it looked like I was submitting a piece of "electronic paper" and I didn't receive any ordered number or anything. It wouldn't surprise me if a lot of orders actually went rhrough but came back as "error" and that's what caused the perceived stock problem. Liek madferrit, I am going to call my Account Exec tomorrow and get them to check what's going on.

Spoke to my account exec this morning who was vague to say the least. Told me they couldn't tell me if my order had been excepted. Guess I just need to wait for the weekend!

I tried about 10 times I think, got 2 upgrade codes sent through.

The last time I tried, the website said, your order has been successful, if there are any problems blah blah blah

I dont believe it either, and my o2 advisor also told me that he had no info.

I think this was a gigantic publicity stunt.


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Just got my tracking number from o2 and DHl, looks like it all paid off

After reading your note I went online and checked on the O2 website and I am getting mine as well :thumbsup:

Worth the hassle. The iPhone is amazing. It's like using a TV rather than frigging about to do the same thing on your PC. Simply brilliant, welcome to the world of the Mobile Phone Appliance!
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