Anyone else not had quidco purchase tracking confirmation email after ordering from Best Buy?

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Found 24th Nov 2010

Just after a bit of reassurance really. Last Saturday I successfully placed an order with Best Buy via Quidco and got an email from quidco tracking the purchase within a record breaking 1/2 an hour! Last night I placed a further order for a 50" Panasonic TV and have yet to receive anything to confirm the transaction from quidco. Understandably, I'm getting a bit twitchy and wondered whether additional checks get undertaken when cashback is over a certain amount - we were expecting about £170+ back and I wondered whether this delay is usual. Thanks for your help, Liz

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It's hit or miss with the emails but I always get the money at the end of the day

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I've never had any problems before and have found of late that the email from quidco tends to come fairly soon after the transaction. It's not showing on my account either :-(
Do you have any suggestions? Should I contact Quidco?

My quidco from Dell took two days to appear, be patient
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