Anyone else not received Fire tablet ordered on Black Friday on Amazon

Found 2nd Dec 2016
Still waiting a week later and now been told next in stock 20th December!!! So refund or wait! I tried to cancel on the day to buy at Argos instead but it had said
Already dispatched which was just a lie so I didn't buy it elsewhere. Can't believe I will have had to have waited 1 month to get it!
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... And can't buy anywhere else at £29.99 anymore so if want can't cancel. Has this happened to anyone else??
Get on the live chat and complain, they usually offer something as compensation. A months free prime typically for me
I think Amazon have been having delivery issues a few of my parcels taking more than a few days despite prime
So is it still marked as dispatched ?
I've had the exact same thing happen to me. I ordered 3x CcTV cameras that were £60 cheaper each on blackfriday saving me £180 in total. There full price everywhere else. They should of been delivered last Thursday but now I'm told 23rd of December. It's funny that in there email they stated I could "cancel the order" but in doing so I'd miss out on the good discount. Part of me things it's a ploy to show great deals on the day and then delay delivery hoping people will cancel the order.
Mine arrived almost instantly it was pink though for my daughter so maybe that helped !
Ordered 2 on different days n both got delivered in 2 days
Same here, but several days BEFORE BF, stuff I ordered wasnt dispatched for a week after the order was placed, despite it saying they were in stock when I ordered AND sending a "It has been dispatched" email the following day (Amazon stock item).
3rd parties seem to be getting stuff out fast enough, all the 3rd party stuff turns up within 48 hours, just not recent Amazons own orders.
I ordered a warehouse deal this morning - and got the "dispatched" email a few hours later; lets see when it arrives.

BTW, despite the price being £32.99, it got reduced at the checkout to £27.70, and again when I paid - to £22.70, so a bit of an extra bonus there. (Acoustic guitar kit for 3-7 y/o)
I need 2 of these for elderly relatives that have now said they want a cheap tablet for christmas...

Can't find anyone selling at £30 anymore
Well they cancelled the order when I was happy to wait so was quite annoyed as couldn't resist order at same price. Got onto live chat with Amazon and they are going to honour the price and give me the difference in gift balance when I but it back in the basket. The customer service are quite good. Still have to wait ages though!
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