anyone else notice woolworths put there prices up before the sale

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Found 19th Dec 2008
work bench total gym went down to 25 pounds in summer 99 pounds with discount instore certain dvds that were 2.99 went up to 6 pounds plus 20% discount
the only things genuinely discounted worth buying is woolworths made items


Classic trick to say 'we reduced it by loads!'


cant remember exactly coz not worked in retail for long time

but the price has to of been the higher price for 3 or 6 months prior for it to be legally marked as sale

otherwise you have to use special offer stickers

The selection boxes that have been sold for £1 at iceland and 2 for £2.44 at Morrisons were £5 in my local store with 20% off. A real rip off and I approached a couple of people and told them not to buy and where to get them at a decent price.!

anyone else notice that it says everything as been reduced by up to 50% yet the pick n mix is still the same price at 69p everything else in store as got a discount lol

I noticed and won't be shopping there again. They will pay for this one day :x


i got a laptop case for £3.69,nothing special but cheap n cheerful other than that i didnt think much of their sale


your avatar reminds me i bought my kids friends a parrot recording pen … your avatar reminds me i bought my kids friends a parrot recording pen and a little notebook each for Xmas, £2.01, well impressed!!!! I was thinking maybe i should've got my 2 one but after hearing them test it out i'm pleased i didn't,lol. The 2 minutes they spent agitating each other by recording and playing "you're a loser" to each other was enough for me:w00t:

lolol my birds a sod really but i love him to bits although i am gettin a lil concerned,he has been sitting on the window ledge wolf whistling at any females that walk past and asking them to come in the kettles on:oops:

me i guess as when i see any friends coming up the path i always shout come on in the kettles on as our living room is on the middle floor and it saves me a trip down the stairs lol


lol:p well at least he's not swearing - or is he?

:oops: yeh he does badly too,my dad lives in a retirement park and all the old dears love it when i take him up to dads,til he opens his beak that is lol he is known as the bird that you could never introduce to a vicar lolol
his fav words at the mo are either f'in chit or f'in ell but he has many variations

His gob is at its worst on vets visits as he gets very gobby (think its a nervous thing) and i hate being stuck in the waiting room with him as he is sooo embarassing :oops:

they'll flog the proper stuf to other retailers or job lot it.


they'll flog the proper stuf to other retailers or job lot it.

Poundland will need the stock when they take over a few stores ... :whistling:
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