anyone else on three network not able to send texts?

Posted 21st May 2010
i haven't been able to for the last few hours
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seen something on facebook about this. also my bf cant text, theyre all saving to his outbox instead
ok thanks, glad its not just me lol
There is a problem with three at the moment. If you call 333 it states that they are looking into it.
Owww, I thought my phone was knackered too - thanks xx
yep.. been like this since about 4ish for me...
This makes sense, its been driving me up the wall!
Bloody thing been doing the same for me. Couldn't have picked a worse time either.
This problem is probably pretty embarrassing for them, these kind of issues shouldn't affect all customers for so long.

Three as a network on the up, but these types of things will do them no favours.
yeh, ive not been able to send texts either! Really annoying. Hope they sort if quickly !
can't get on my3 either
still not working!
this is like the o2 thing last week!
Thanks thought there was something wrong with my phone :roll:
i havent been able to send saucy texts back to my clients...ffs...
working fine for me.

I have been getting messages from strangers and my texts have also been … I have been getting messages from strangers and my texts have also been cross wired to strangers.

National problems since yesterday
People still send texts???
I left Vodafone and regret it, Three are useless.
Working fine
Have had trouble making calls, and couple of messages have been sent to random numbers.

Network issues.... 6 year bump eh
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