Anyone else preorder a 3DS from

Found 25th Mar 2011
I preordered mine from and they said guaranteed delivery for today. Was sent by parcelforce and has just been sitting in the local depot (stoke). Really **** off, not likely I'll get it today now and I doubt they'll deliver to me on saturday, so I'm waiting till Monday at the earliest now... I was really excited about it but now it's just put me on a real downer.

Just wondering if anyone else ordered from game/parcelforce that's having the same problem, or whether it's just me?


really game can ony garentee dispatch in time for delivery on day of release, the rest is up to the delivery company

tested it today, sadly was disappointed, plus a £40 price tag on games, lol
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Beats amazon! mine has only just been sent today, bit miffed since i got the games yesterday from them. Last time ever i pre order a console from them, should of learn't from the 360 hastle.

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I called parcelforce and got a robot woman who told me that it was last seen in stoke at 3:14am today and then followed with, this is a non-traceable service and no further information will be recorded... Blah!

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It arrived!! I actually went out for an hour, having given up on it arriving today, and within 5 mins of me leaving I got a phone call saying it had arrived lol. Loving it so far, face raiders is excellent


anyone know if the r (u know the one) works on this?


i got mine
my mate didnt though
he was well miffed he cancelled with game lmao!


yes it does work RFC albeit a few minor changes need to be made user end


I have had to put mine away as I have a headache!

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It does make my eyes feel a bit weird after using it for a while but at least with current titles, I'd rather just turn the 3D off than stop playing. I guess that's why the depth slider is so easy to get at.
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