Anyone else purchase this deal? Vodafone Pay as You Go Sim with £10 Bundle Preloaded £2 for TWO @ Amazon

Posted 17th Feb 2023
I purchased this deal (it was later removed) the other day for Veryme but it turns out that despite the SIM being preloaded with the data bundle, you need to top up £10 in order to redeem any of the decent Veryme offers. Just curious to know if everyone else's experience was similar or was I just unlucky?
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  1. Mrcrazyman69's avatar
    I ordered the same offer but unfortunately can't access Veryme yet - think I have to wait a few days. I'll let you know if I have any success. If not then I'll just moan to them on Twitter and see if they can activate it.
    flyingflea's avatar
    Mine took about 48 hours before I could access Veryme. Apparently the premium offers will be available after 36 hours but I'm not holding my breath
  2. Qesharak's avatar
    Seemed to be a common problem on the reviews. That’s the reason I didn’t take up the offer. It was pulled from this site quite quickly, which suggests all was not what it seemed.
  3. Nxk06's avatar
    Just to update . Veryme rewards are fully unlocked and I have access to all the offers. I haven’t used the sim data  etc but I’m guessing it’s loaded with the 7gb even though it says I hv 0 credit on there . Just wondering if it will roll over to next month if I don’t use it and if it can be used abroad 
    flyingflea's avatar
    That's interesting. Did you purchase it direct from Amazon or was it a marketplace seller?

    I messaged Veryme support and they advised that I would need to topup £10 to unlock all the offers.

    Apparently you need to topup £10 once every 6 weeks to keep Veryme rewards.
  4. Nxk06's avatar
    Invoice shows Sold By: Amazon EU S.a.r.L.but when I contacted Amazon they told me it’s from a seller .
  5. Ridgehead's avatar
    Did you get sorted out? I've one sim working fine with the pre loaded package with Veryme and the other waiting for when Veryme stops working with this one.
    flyingflea's avatar
    Yeah a Vodafone rep kindly topped my account up £10 and that seemed to get the Veryme working after waiting a couple more days
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