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Anyone else sacked off their PS5?

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Posted 29th Jul 2022
Bought a PS5 at launch after initially being tempted by the Xbox Series X and I'm just beyond bored with it.

Also sick of Sony's ani consumer Stance this generation and I refuse to pay £70 for The Last of Us - a Remake of a remaster....

I held out until the PS Premium service launched but I still can't find anything to play and I'm considering selling the console and getting an Xbox Series X.

Anyone else done the same?
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    Got mine at launch

    3 Hours of AC: Valhalla, the audio in that game is terrible and i couldn't stand it anymore.
    Fifa 22

    The controller finally got stick drift and it's been gathering dust since. With more games now having cross play and console "Exclusives" being released on PC i'm having trouble thinking of good reasons to keep it.
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    I got a series X and 3 years gamepass ultimate for about £40 , that value just can’t be beaten ..
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    If we are completely honest gaming is very much not what it was, its very rarely fun its now more of a chore to finish any game all i really play anymore is binding of issac..
    Games aren't fun anymore, when was the last time you played a game and wanted to stay up all night playing it and losing track of time. To me I've just lost the love for games, I've grown up playing them all my life and now I really can't be bothered to load anything up. Time to sell my PC
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    Yep the ps5 is gathering dust at the moment. God of war will be the second game I play on it this year.

    The xbox with game pass has been used a lot more. Just wish it had the ps5 controller.
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    I got my son a PS5 at launch and gave it him that Christmas. Recently got him an X-Box Series S for his birthday, and since then he’s barely touched the PlayStation.
    You’re more than welcome to giving it to me. (edited)
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    Series X and Steam deck get my gaming time. Launch day Ps5 is getting sold in the next couple of weeks, gathering dust
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    Recently got mine and I'm really enjoying it. Girlfriend hates it tho (edited)
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    I still playing in a ps3.
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    I reckon proper next Gen doesn’t officially start this time around until the Pro consoles as daft as that sounds, 2020 launch during the worst time in the world because many games couldn’t be completed and some are still pushed back even now, say a pro ps5 & next box launches 2024/25 then it’s a proper one

    or maybe they should have delayed the launch of these regular consoles until this year with God of War & next Year would already be Spider-Man 2 or wolverine and Xbox could have launched with Forza 5 , Halo, MS Flight Sim etc and Starfield would have been within the first year.

    Especially with supplies still being awkward.

    I hate to admit but the most fun I have these days is couch co-op with my young niece and nephews, seeing their faces light up with all these multiplayer games especially the snes & nes which is all new to them, considering I was a Sega fanboy growing up I never thought I would buy a Nintendo (edited)
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    Nope, still using mine daily. Really enjoying it and the new Psplus tiers have given me even more games to try that I wouldn't have played before.
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    Anonymous User Author
    I had a ps5 was mostly gathering dust so sold it for a series s and I'm very happy
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    Had one and then sold it as I realised I was just playing PS4 games and even then very infrequently.
    I've gone back to PC gaming but I'm starting to get the itch for a console again just to not be sat at my desk for so much!(WFH).

    Torn between the Series X to make use of my GPU sub or PS5 for the handful of exclusives and to play with some old mates.
    Just get an Xbox controller for the PC and sit back and relax.
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    Sold mine to CEX 3 or 4 months ago for £25 more than it cost brand new. Apart from Dying Light 2 it was just sitting there for weeks not doing anything. Now trying Xbox Gamepass £1 offer through my IPad as I have suddenly felt a yearning to game again lol
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    My friend is the biggest Playstation fanboy I know, has been since the first Playstation, and he sold his launch day PS5 recently, which speaks volumes to me.

    I was disappointed with the initial reveal, so went back to PC rather than buying the new consoles at the end of 2020. Now Sony is warming to PC and I can play MS games, I see no need to buy a console this gen, until the Switch replacement arrives. £70 games can also GTF!
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    Xbox series x is a better console. Better value for money. Gamepass ulitmate is a major win for me.every new xbox studio game free. While over at playstation they are still remastering the remastered games. Sell your playstation remaster console and get a xbox series x. I have both I will admit playstation games do look better. But unless them games are on disc and on a huge discount, I don't buy any games because I know. 6 month down the line it will be released again upgraded for the same price.
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    little brother got ps5 at launch and sold it this week for the series x got bored and wanted the gamepass
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    Nah I play my PS5 quite regularly....currently playing Ghost of Tsushima. I know it doesn't have a big catalogue of ps5 games yet but even playing PS4 games is a way better experience because of the load times etc. I tried playing on my PS4 and everything felt so slow and sluggish. I haven't really got any interest in any of the first party games on Xbox since the old halo and God of war days and that's what it all comes down to....which offers the best first party games (edited)
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    Don't really play as much as I used to anyway but GT7 has been keeping me busy on PS5, as well as Horizon Forbidden West.
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    I just wish they could figure PS3 emulation out (I know it's difficult)

    Being able to play my digital library on one system is what I'd like, hell I'd even take streaming my purchased digital PS3 titles if that was the only workaround.

    On topic though I'm playing my PS5 daily now thanks to the new PS+, Death Standing is mental and I love it. I've always been platform agnostic however, so rarely focus on a system. (edited)
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    My ps5 has been turned on a handful of times since release, completed immortals fenyx rising and ratchet and clank, got bored of horizon forbidden west half way through.
    Been having much more fun on my switch lately
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    If you are bored of the PS5, you'll be bored of the Series X as well. It's not so much a platform problem, it's an industry problem (at least with regards to PlayStation and Xbox). There's too many open world games that are padded out so they can claim it's a "70 hour epic" when really it's a 10 hour game at best. Too much of a focus on live service games, in that games are being built around monetisation rather than making a great game first and then worrying about that after.

    Once you've dabbled in the Xbox exclusives, you'll be back to being bored again. I know this because you are me at the beginning of this generation. I switched from PS to Xbox for launch. I'm now pretty bored of next gen gaming. There is the odd game that pops up that I'll grab and enjoy so I won't get rid of my Series X. Plus Game Pass is great value too.

    The only platform I'm not bored of is Switch. Games on there feel like games of old. Nintendo are so far behind when it comes to a modern online system, (and behind hardware power wise) that the industry struggles to pedal their nonsense there.

    So if Switch isn't something you'd like, I'd say keep the PS5 and maybe grab a Series S as a secondary console. Or just sell the PS5 while you can get your money back and take a break for a bit and see how things stand in a year or two.
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    I got rid of the PS5 for an Xbox also - 3 year game pass and cheap codes off cdkeys dot com keeps the games coming at a good price - the reward points have paid for a few new releases as well.

    Although I must say I’ve had a lot of trouble with the controllers, give up on the elite 2 (button A not registering) and now the same with the new series controller too - friend give me a Xbox one controller, I’ve had no issues with since
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    Roblox - 202+ Million
    Sea of Thieves - 30+ Million
    Forza Horizon 5 - 20+ Million
    Halo Infinite - 20+ Million
    Grounded - 10+ Million
    State of Decay 2 - 10+ Million
    Killer Instinct - 10+ Million
    Microsoft Flight Simulator - ??? Million
    Gears 5 - ??? Million
    Football Manager - ??? Million

    The popular Xbox games above cannot be played on PlayStation. Makes you wonder how anyone can be exclusively PlayStation. (edited)
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    Not bored of mine but I only got it in May this year. Buying at launch didn't make sense to me but now I have quite the backlog to get through.
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    Was a Sony fan for last 10 years since a child and finally swapped to Xbox due to availablity and flip flopped between the series x and s, going back to the series s

    Finding myself playing less and honestly after few weeks of adjusting it plays the same with a titch worse graphics, honestly not worth the extra size in my desk nor power draw

    Won't buy an X until a title struggled to play on the S

    With how good optimizing they do nowadays seems unlikely until ps6
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    There just aren't the games to justify it, especially if you have a gaming PC. Almost 2 years after launch and I'd get... Dark Souls?

    Possibly this will change when FFXVI and Kingdom Hearts 4 come out but there isn't a whole lot at the moment that interests me.
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    I spent over 15000 hours playing World of Warcraft on PC. Only stopped because Blizzard kept ripping off the dedicated players in favour of new subscribers. Got an X box and not looked back. Son has a PS5 , tried his and compared to the X box. It seems flash and gimmicky compared to the X box. The games seemed somewhat limited. I only okay the X box, my son has passed the PS5 onto his son who's 9 , and he's not happy with it. So here's pestering for an X box to. People say it's the games that makes it boring. Simple really, don't stick to one style of game and build up a network of 'friends' who play. We have a great laugh, particularly when someone does a Leroy Jenkins. (If you don't know what that is you haven't lived ).
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    Still playing PS5, I've really enjoyed the new PS Plus service so far, Stray has been really good, understand it won't be for everyone. Also tried Disaster Report 4 which is good, it's one of those games you'd probably pass on at 1st glance but has an interesting concept. There's loads of other games on the service I'm looking forward to playing as well, and there's a lot of variety.

    The Series X is a great system, the 1st party day one on Gamepass and they have some really good titles, but I'd still keep the PS5 if you can, especially if you have PS Plus for a lengthy amount of time.

    What I notice with this thread is that people are saying gaming are not fun these days, I do wonder if people are feeling somewhat burnt out on gaming? Or maybe they are getting older and have other priorities nowadays so gaming takes a backseat.

    With TLOU Part 1 I can see that dropping down in price within a couple months, hopefully to around £40 or less.