anyone else suffer PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) on here?

    found out i have it 7 years ago and it affects me in so many different ways. for those of you who have it how has it affected you? and how do you make it easier to live with?


    I don't have it but my mom does, it made it difficult for her to lose weight (she did it but with a lot more effort) she also has diabetes guessing you get checked regularly for that? Can't think off the top of my head how else it has affected her. Hope you're dealing with it ok

    Mirena is sometimes used to great effect for this problem.

    I have it. Was diagnosed at 19yrs, so 24 yrs ago (ouch).
    Almost impossible to lose weight, and yes i stuck religiously to diet and ran 9 miles a week.
    Mood swings.
    unwanted hair, in places you dont want it.
    infertility (solved with fertility drugs)
    amenorrhea absent periods
    horrific pms.

    I tried to mirena and had problems and ended up with a blood tranfusion.
    However now i have hit menopause and taking hrt i am losing weight, by doing nothing. 11/2 stone so far.
    Its a pain in the ass and is terrible for sel esteem.

    Not many ways to make it easier though. Always eat healthy or weight will pile on.
    fertility drugs for babies.
    Dianette pill if not TTC. This is anti-antrogen and help with pcos.
    symptoms will get worse the more weight you put on.
    Evening primrose oil at 1000mg 3 times a day helps with moods and skin.

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    cherishu2 i have almost all the same symptoms as you, apart from anemia.

    i have a horrific diet due to me not liking anything 'healthy' which is a real pain. apart from forcing fruit and veg down my throat theres no other way around it really.

    for 'monthlys' (or not in my case. never had a proper one since teens but do 'spot' for a couple days every now and then) im on the implant. doctor tried me with dianette to try establish a cycle and i was bad with it, all bloated and really heavy bleeding.
    for unwanted hair i just use a pair of tweezers.
    my moods are awful and arent helping my work life as my colleagues are sick of it. i tried explaining my condition but they dont understand. im always so over emotional.
    never knew headaches were a side effect. i get bad ones a couple times a week but assumed this was due to not drinking enough?
    i have bad skin too. but apart from buying stuff for acne im not sure what else i can do. tried stuff from docs years ago but didnt help.
    ive also been told i cant have children without medical help as i dont ovulate. not really a worry at the minute as im not ready for a baby lol.
    will give evening primrose oil a try. thanks

    I used to ovulate in March and september lol. f i was lucky.But have gone over a year. The anemia was caused by the heavy bleeding when i finally have one.
    It resulted in my having to have hysterectomy when id finished having children.
    Took me 6 yrs to get pregnant even with the drugs.
    Verity is a very good support site BTW

    headaches are due to the hormones swings we have to endure.
    Oh forgot im insulin resistent too, which has been found to be main cause of pcos. Diabetes testing is done very regulary cos my doc thinks i have it.
    However, i take metformin (a wonder drug for pcos, well for some some. fantastic when Trying to concieve btw) so she reckons the metformin is preventing my diabetes test showing +.
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    I have it, was diagnosed 4 years ago after a ectopic pregnancy.
    The things that bother me are the hair in unwanted places. I wax constantly. The battle with weight and fertility issues. Also the fact that a high risk of ectopic pregnancies.

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    just looked on the verity forum, lots of useful info and interesting reading so thankyou. contemplating going to the docs to see if theres anything i can take to ease some of the symptoms, or would i be better not taking anything? im on the implant which will affect my non existant cycle but apart from that im not getting any help

    Erm it depends really. They hadnt used to treat you unless you were trying to concieve. But they are still allowing me to take metformin.
    It really depends on your doctor and how assertive you are.
    I learnt all i could about pcos and went armed with print outs. You can get referred to a specialist too.
    They can give you vaniqa for unwanted hair it slows growth.Doesnt stop it but slows it. I used it for yrs until doing lazer.
    Ttc there is loads of stuff that can help. I swore by robittsen cough mixture thats used to help things mix up there lol.
    Temp charting
    agnus cactus
    even egg white. Which they actually mix sperm with to help them fertilise.
    Put it this was I'm infertile and i have 5 birth children and 1 miscarriage.

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    Loads round here

    i know a few ppl with PCOS....not a fun thing...hope u get some answers
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