Anyone else supposed to be going to Thailand anytime soon?!!

Just wondered.. we have our honeymoon booked 3 weeks from 3rd June... am panicking slightly!!
Shall we change the booking? or wait??!! Help!
Anyone know anyone who lives in Thailand who can say how bad it is?
The news here is so dominated with the election, struggling to find any info or pics etc!



i read that the government was urging people not to go to any part of thailand... i'll get the link it was on bbc

edit here:…stm

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Yeah thanks, seen that- just in a bit of turmoil, whether to wait or re book . Emirates wont change the route... just the dates.. annoying!

Tough one, I have heard that travel insurance won't cover you if you travel against government advice, this might be worth taking into consideration.


With the Foreign office notification as it is (not to travel unless … With the Foreign office notification as it is (not to travel unless emergency) if you go you will not be insured! Most of the trouble is in Bangkok and some think they are on the verge of a small civil war.Having said that as its your honeymoon I think you wont be staying in Bangkok and will be going somewhere like Koh Samui and you should be fine going there but you have to remember you will not be insured.Dont wear anything Red or Yellow!

I think part of the problem is that the main transport links to the airports run through Bangkok as well so it is wise to check whether you will need to travel through bangkok at all as this is not advised at all. A friend of a friend got stuck out there because of the volcano and found it very scary, soldiers firing live rounds etc.


to be honest, i wouldn't want my honeymoon there :-(

My lil sister is going to Thailand, its her first stop on her 6 month travelling expedition, but she is changing her route!

if your not going to bangkok, then i'd definitely go.

tbh, i personally would still go to bangkok - interesting time to go!

if you go, you'll have an awesome time - great place!

i would contact your travel insurance people and see where you stand, if you aren't covered don't go and you may have enough time to rearrange to go somewhere else good luck

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thanks all.... still pondering, we had a week in Bangkok, 2 weeks Koh Samui. Will prob just change to 3 weeks Koh Samui then!
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