Anyone else watching dispatches now

    Anyone else watching dispatches now it doesnt surprise me though


    Whats it about ?

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    Its to do with lobbying


    old politicians wanting to take money for old rope, pretending they can help you change legislation for your own purposes, when in reality they take your money and do the usual nothing

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    Yeah but what these so called goodbye payments they should be ashamed of taking these if they have had to pay money back due to the expenses debacle but im sure they wont.I dont know some of them sleep at night like margaret moran etc

    I never knew they received "Goodbye Payments" until I just watched that program, unbelievable. They're well paid enough, why should they receive a "Goodbye Payment" when they leave?!

    Some of these people, although legally it is currently acceptable, really have no morals.

    One of my favourite oxymorons - an honest politician. :roll:


    Its to do with lobbying

    Or rather it's about "being careful not to let it look like lobbying"
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