anyone else watching eurovision your country needs you?

Found 12th Mar 2010
omg how awful, i cannot believe these have to be some of the best out of the scouting for talent we have no hope. I cannot sing and i feel at this rate i have a great chance of winning damn if only i had entered lol.


Watching it now, missed 30 mins

Original Poster

trust me you not missed anything

Is this show serious? i assumed it was a bit of a joke

OMG....... what the hell is all that singing its like the worst parts of x factor in parts! sorry guys

uuurrgg, I cant watch anymore, gonna watch American Idol, anything is better than this!!

I watched for about 30 seconds and my ribs were sore from lol.
Absolute joke.

the actual song is not that great that what they are singing now ?

oh poor thing forgot the words .......

Original Poster

alexis has to be the best crap song but he is a tad cute so may at least 1 point for that, although i thought esma was the best of a bad bunch
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