Anyone else with Sky had Decembers bill added to this months bill?

    As above, just wondered as I don't remember this happening in previous years, My November bill is due to be paid on the 20th but I have December's bill added on top making it a fair bit of money to pay in one go lol On my account it just says due to a change in subscription but nothing has changed.....

    Trying to get through to Sky to query it and as usual it's virtually impossible to get anyone on the phone or online, does anyone know how to actually email them?




    just checked mine its due on the 19th & my Dec bill has not been added I bloody hope it's not added in the next few days


    I've had this happen with council tax the last two years where I've been debited November and December's council tax in one go.I cured that. I stopped the DD and now I pay them 2 days later now.maybe they wanted there money before I spend it on Xmas stuff .

    Don't leave it to an email, that's asking for trouble as they will simply say it never came, call them and wait on the phone, simple

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    I thought it was odd, will try ringing again first thing tomorrow x Thanks for your replies.

    Bloody naughty, that is. Each time I've contacted them it's been a nightmare, too. Just be persistent

    Go online and use live chat i allways get connected straight away ,when I do phone I can never understand a word they say so online chat is the way to go

    No, but thanks for the post as you've reminded me I need to cancel!!
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