Anyone else with Tiscali broadband?

    Just windering if anyone else is with Tiscali internet?i got a email telling me talk talk are taking ever etc and it said nothing much of interest but didnt mention if the prices are going up etc...

    could i leave them now as if their service changes then i would want to move to a diff provider.



    It was a rather foolish email, clearly anything like that without stating anything about price creates insecurity.

    I haven't got one, but did get something a few months ago.If you look up Tiscali on Wikipedia it will tell you all about it but it was months ago.

    All Tiscali customers are being switched to talktalk, Tiscali was bought out a few months ago.

    I dont think OP can leave them but its def worth checking up on it if you want to leave

    I knew they had been taken over by TT ages ago when the emailed me so i asked for my MAC code from them just over a month ago as my service dropped to about 1.5meg connection on an unlimited 8meg price plan. Strangely, a week later i have 6.3meg, and havent left them. If it drops again then i will, but they are the cheapest in my area as my exchange is still old world style!

    Talk Talk keep ringing me and offering me a deal, their contracts are 24 months:o

    Yep still with tiscali, nothing has changed except I seem to get better speeds all day now, doesn't drop off so much in the evenings.... they switched over around 3 months ago or so now.

    was with tiscali - went to btinternet - costs me more but the service / speed is better... and i got bt vision - which is pretty good really... not as good as sky (which i also have!)

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