anyone elses kids still off school

    my kids broke up on 22nd april and dont go back till 9th may most schools near us went bk yesterday anyone else got kids off think schools should all have same holidays




    I think schools should have different holidays so holiday companies cant stamp their premium rates of the "normal" weeks like they do now.

    My brother goes back to school on tuesday. He'll have had about 2 weeks off. I've been off for just over 3 weeks. Got to love uni...

    my sons been off since Apr 15th, not back until the 3rd may , i dont remember having holidays like the kids do today when i was in school


    most schools round here broke up 15th and are back on 3rd.
    Some catholic schools broke up 21st but think they go back later

    My son broke up on the 8th, went back yesterday & got sent home poorly So he won't be back until the 3rd now

    Kids finished school here on the 8th.
    They were back in yesterday and today.
    Off again tomorrow and are back in on Tuesday.

    Mine broke up the 15th April back in on 3rd May , but school i work in we broke up the 13th April and back in 4th May for one day and then off again on thur for voting


    Son goes back on Tuesday. Palmed him off on my family this week.

    mine have been in only tuesday, wed, thursday this last week and will be in 3 days next week then off two weeks..i think they had 7days in school in april.

    Original Poster

    when mine go bk on 9th they only in for 3 weeks then off for another week

    well i hope everyone got bargain breaks or hols.

    mine broke up on the 1st went back last week for three days and again this week for three days and next week will be 4 days! so a bit messed about

    mine broke up on 8th april and went back tues, but off tomorrow til next tues,

    My dd boke up 8th went back tuesday off tomorrow then back tuesday and off thursday for voting day bck friday

    off from the 18th April till 4th May

    mine don't go back till the 3rd may.


    We went back on Tuesday, then broke up today and go back on Wednesday.

    But i'm off until 6th June due to study leave

    Mine went back tuesday and broke up again today .
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