Anyone ever been involved with merchandising ?

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Found 19th Oct 2010
I'm looking into what's involved for a mate whose a writer

Stuff like getting T shirts and the like setup. I'm guessing that it's simply a matter of selling the rights to a merchandising company and then linking to them from his fan site and getting a kick back?

But has anyone ever been involved ? I'm trying to get some info together before I approach his agent...



Doubt he can sell the rights unless he has already established it into a well known brand.

Much more likely that he would be able to grant a licence or assign some parts of his copyright to a 3rd party to produce the goods....But with his website being the only outlet, will 3rd party consider it worth their while.

Also why does he need you to approach his agent? And why not let the agent get the information required as surely that is his job. Even if he is only a literary agent he will have an interest in finding right partner for any merchandising deal

I think you are being a bit presumptuous...If this book is a roaring success then the publisher will probably be approached by companies wishing to merchandise the character and spin off products. Your friend must have already signed a contract with his publisher so check the terms of that.
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He's a series of 11 (soon to be 12) books in one series and another 7 book series in print in the US plus more stand alone books. He's not so well known over here. There are some 10-12 million books in print.

Rather then selling through the website I was thinking a company would take it on and the site would just link to that site?

His agent is very American and is in New York, also my mate doesn't have a business head! all he wants to do is write so I offered to look into it and I'm always amazed at what people on here know or have done !!


He should go directly to his agent or publisher then, as they have considerable interest in his works and any outside interference or deal could be seen as a breach of contract.

He will have a contract with his agent, but also a more important one with his publisher who would have put a clause stating that they have "sole exploitation of the work"
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