Anyone ever been with NIG or Thames City Insurance?

Found 1st Jul 2008
Im having a horrible time with my car insurer Thames City which i beleive is the daughter company to NIG.

Ive got a new car and want to go fully comp but its proving to be harder than i first imagined and they are going to charge me more than i expected if i wanted to cancel with them.

Their level of customer service i would rate as 1/5 and thats for just picking up the phone. Was left waiting 16 minutes the other day as well.

I'm thinking of just bailing and going to a known company rather than these cowboys.

Has anyone else has similar run-ins with these or other insurers? Would like to hear your views.
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Never heard of them. I switched from big companies cause they were just takin the micky. I switched to NFU mutual. Google them and see the reviews.
don't be racist
i dont really know what the company stands for but its quite a harsh name for a company to have.
Why dont u try those price comparison websites such as [url][/url]

or [url][/url]
They are basically a bunch of petty liars. I am currently in legal wranglings to get my money back, I wanted to swap my policy to another car, WITHIN their 14 day 'Cooling off period'. A simple swap with many other companies. Not this one. They hit me with hidden charges tatalling over £100. and when I asked what they were for, their reps gave me THREE different answers. The one they finally settled on was that it is a 'cancellation charge' but they were unable to point me to anywhere in their policy documents that described this charge.
I spoke to Trading Standards who told me they had no right to impose such a charge, and went back to Thames City armed with this knowledge, whre I was actually told by one of their staff '' I dont care what Trading standards think, its in our policy!''.

I am still working to get a full refund, but they are using all the legal loopholes they can find to avoid it. These people are basically Criminals, using their knowledge to shortchange their customers. I would say AVOID. Even if they are cheaper, dont make the same mistake I did, it not worth it!
I've just recieved a letter from them claiming I still owe them over £1000, even though I cancelled my policy 6 months ago which included a cancellation fee. This is my first car insurance policy so i'm really confused and I'm not sure where to turn for help either? Any ideas anyone?
keep away keep away keep away, hidden charges they will put on you even though they aren't mentioned anywhere in terms and conditions and they won't call it a cancellation charge to trick you into paying it. DON'T PAY IT. Don't try to get them to pay out either because they just laugh at you.
did i make myself clear? STAY AWAY!!!! yeah I know I'm putting it twice but I hate them. Please for your own sanity keep away, stick with well known companies and pay the extra if it keeps you away from these evil cowboys.
Stay away from them.I did purchase policy of them one week ago.Paid 300 pound deposit but next day my car blown the engine so decided cancel policy.I rang them and not very nice lady said I got wait for refund up to 46 weeks.!!! This fu...n joke.Any ideas what to do now?
Im sure she meant four to six weeks!!
please tell us what sort of refund you get! Did you cancel within 14 days of taking out the policy kawa320?
did anyone put his complaint to Financial Ombudsman Service Ltd ???
well im glad i read this thread! wont be going with NIG!!

cheers dooders x
Keep well away from these cowboys.. I had an accident and they have used a technicality to null and void my insurance leaving me to deal with a claim for over £6k from another party...I am currently in the process of going to county court with a counter claim and at the moment I am unable to get car insurance for less than £3k , driving for over 30 years with no points etc.. I am fuming
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