Anyone ever bought a pc from the following: Freshtech solutions, AWD-it, Palicomp

Found 28th Mar 2018
Just curious as to what the build quality was like and if you ran into any problems.


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I've bought a couple of things from AWD, first was a gaming PC a few years ago, no issues at all, build quality was good, also bought a motherboard bundle from them a few months ago to upgrade the original PC again absolutely no problems at all.
Thanks for that. They're fairly cheap on Amazon which is good as I'm looking for a gaming pc, but I just wanted to get some peoples experiences. Thanks again
I bought a gaming PC from Freshtech 3 years ago. Build quality I would say was good. They built the PC and supplied all the boxes of the components they put inside of it.
It has over time developed a few quirks in the software, which probably require a format and clean install of windows to fix.
The one piece of advice I would offer is don't skimp on the motherboard as if you have top end components but a cheap motherboard the PC will struggle.
Freshtech many times, also had great after sales support when a HDD died on me, also had a GPU fail and they replaced without fuss.
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