Anyone ever bought one of these multi-SIM phones from China?

Found 5th Jun 2011
Such as ebay item 110648135864.

Is it a pile of crap? Looking for a multi SIM phone for very basic calls/texts only. Will not be used for internet/roaming or anything like that.

Wondering if anyone has had actual experience.


I bought one of these last year. They work ok, but the battery is absolute rubbish (lasts a few hours). They supplied two batteries and both were useless. It phone went to the recycle yard in February.

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Really ... even for basic use?

the nokia c2-00 coming out soon will have a dual sim .

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the nokia c2-00 coming out soon will have a dual sim .

Any idea what price it is expected to be. Was looking at the C1-00 but not sure how ugly it is in person, plus only one SIM is active at once.
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Just go onto Dx and buy a cheap duel sim one on there! then If it's no good you haven't wasted alot of cash on one.

For example:…257

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Hmmm might be interested in one of those too, the c2-00 I mean, as a back up for if/when my smartphone's battery runs out. Just been looking at the specs etc, basic phone but apparently both sims in standby at once (which I think means both can receive calls without being switched to) and the second sim is hot swappable as it's a slot on the outside like a microSD..... price is expected to be about 50 euros by the way.
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Hmm, so about £44 ... very tempted to hold out for one of those!…tml

£86 here, I'd buy one for £44 but for £86 I can just super glue two cheap phones together.

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Ouch. Although surely that website isnt correct:

Pre Order. Expected on 28/02/2011.

the problem is in most countries and most networks a single IMEI number needs to be active for the phone to allow any signal (not the case for t-mobile uk) . Most of the import Chinese phones have a generic Imei code and wont work

i have some dual sim blackberry torchs for sale and they work fine over here
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