Anyone ever dealt with MCE Insurance? Thoughts?

Just passed my test(left it pretty late, 33 now), been looking at insurance and this MCE insurance is always the cheapest and by a huge amount.

So did a bit of googling and found it has more negative reviews than positive, so was wondering if anyone has dealt with this company.


I've used them a long time ago (ten years plus) and never had any problems with them.

You will only find out if you have problems when it comes to claiming. I used them before but never had top claim so dont know what they are really like.

be aware of automatic renewal at end of term when they most likely wont be the cheapest, £25 admin fee if no proof of no claims with 14 days? £25 admin fee if signed copy of credit agreement not posted back within 14 days? be aware its a shark pool out there... read the terms and conditions.. if you can afford pay full policy up front and state " i do not wish to automatically renew at end of 12 months"

good luck...

May be mercenary but it's only a piece of paper to show to whoever. I just used to go for cheapest and try not to hit anything while driving.Why pay more?

I used them a couple of years ago but then they went expensive. I didn't have any problems taking insurance out but I've never claimed with them so I don't know how good they are with that side of things.

Congratulations on passing your test.

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Thanks for all the advice guys.
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