Anyone ever had a ginormous box from amazon with virtually nothing inside?

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2769345.jpgI've never seen anything like it, I've never seen anything like it, I've never seen anything like it, in my life!
Two small items from Amazon delivered by courier in a humongous box! See photos for dimensions.
ROLMFHO was a understatement to say the least
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Had similar but not that bad I bet you thought you'd been treated to something
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I said to courier I think that's for another address, but he scanned it to double check it was for me!
31737995-aTPF3.jpgNot quite as bad but this SD card came in this massive box, it was already in the envelope so could have just been sent like that, even the envelope was too much packaging.
I had walking stick packed diagonally in a massive box!!
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fijwood59 m ago

I had walking stick packed diagonally in a massive box!!

Ha ha ha
Amazon don't care about Amazon rainforest
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andybriggs0320 m ago

Amazon don't care about Amazon rainforest

Profits/shareholders before there employees and the planet! But don't we have the power as consumers to change that
Saw something on the telly about over packing items at Amazon. At each station where a packer is, there was only space for approx 7 different box types, and I guess the worker had run out of smaller boxes. Amazon doesn't always employ (or isn't the sort of company that encourages) the sort of person who can think on their feet, so I guess they used the smallest box they had.

If I was in charge, I would have orders sorted by size and sent to a workstation with the correct boxes, but I guess that's not flexible enough.

Also, they either deliver themselves or have probably negotiated a flat rate with various couriers, so their is no incentive to economise.

Probably fill your recycling bin though
Yes. Massive box with paper packing for 2 bottles of shampoo.
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