Anyone ever had a problem using a forwarded orange wednesday text?????

    As the title says has anyone ever used a text forwarded to you from an orange phone if you don't have one? for the bogof orange wednesdays promotion. Any help appreciated.


    What's with the barrage of question marks? :?

    I'm on orange, forwarded texts to my friends quite a few times. They've never had any probs, i don't think the staff at the cinemas really check ur network lol. They just check the code on the text :thumbsup:

    THe staff just punch in the code in ur msg

    i used to get a friend to forewad me the codes, and i used them without a problem, i just changed my friends number record to whatever the original one was sent from (as in when the original person got the txt it was from 'OrangeOffers' or something, so i ust used to change his number in my fone to the same name, so my txt also said it was from them) never had any questions, but just did that incase...they arent going to go through your phone to check its the right number, they have no reason to question it

    As above. Never had any issues.

    Original Poster

    thanks for all your help everyone:-D you can all have some rep:thumbsup:

    Hya 100 per cent sure as I did this last Wednesday. Got a friend to 4ward the text and then changed his name to orange as last time they did the promo they asked to see the text. But this time they didnt they just asked the number and punched it into thier machine simple saving of around 7 quid!!!!!!!!!!

    Just had the jobsworth experience, the fanny checked through the phone and said its a forwarded text and wasnt valid, so walked away and didnt buy yhe 2 tickets, their loss at the end of the day
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