Anyone ever had a really sore thumb through texting?

    I swear to god my thumbs been in agony lately but tonight its absolutely throbbing. I think its due to texting and surfing the net on my phone.

    Anyone ever experienced this?


    A bit like this?

    Hit my thumb with a hammer on a cold day! Does that count? Worst pain ever, I imagine worse than child birth. But not as bad as a paper cut on your **** (never done that like just imagine it's painful)

    No, but I used to get Nintendo thumbs when playing my N64 years ago. lol

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    yes but not the tip of my thumb, more the joint.

    Just constant pain, i gonna have to lay off the phone for a few days i think

    i used to get saw thumbs playing snakes on my nokia lol

    also get it playing mariokart


    u get used to it after about 4k

    I once had a sore johnstone from using my dictaphone


    Yes i get this from time to time in the base of my thumb. It's RSI. I solve it by wearing that tubigrip bandage stuff for a couple of days and by not using it to txt for 48 hours. :roll: I can't go that long without txtg though so I have to use my other hand:oops:

    i find that it's not so much my thumbs that hurt but the knuckles of my fingers that are gripping the phone, like they get stuck in that position from holding my phone too long.
    now whenever i can, i connect my phone to my laptop via bluetooth and type out texts with my keyboard. much faster and easier.
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